Welcome to Nursery

We offer 15 hour places which are grouped in to the following sessions:-
Every morning 9am-12
Every afternoon 12-3pm
All day Monday and Tuesday (9am-3pm) and Wednesday 9am-12
Wednesday 12-3pm then all day Thursday and Friday (9am-3pm)

If you are eligible for 30 free hours/week you would need to provide us with a code from the government website .
If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 and you would like to register for them to start our nursery in September 2020, please complete the registration form and email to our School Business Manager sbm@westfieldinfants.co.uk

Miss Holmes is the teacher in Nursery. Miss Davis, Mrs Kavangh and Mrs Waterworth are the teaching assistants.

This half term we have had extra help in Nursery with students.  Miss Slevin was with us for eight weeks on her final teaching placement.  We wish her well in her future.  Miss Liddemore, an A ‘level student will be here Mondays and Fridays until February. We also welcomed Mrs Shabir who is with us every Wednesday.

The children have been very busy learning now they are settled and are familiar with the Nursery environment. The children have learnt about different events and celebrations that happen in the world as well as learning about themes related to their own interests. The children have learnt about Bonfire night, Anti-bullying, where food comes from and Christmas.

The children have also been enjoying Makaton with a new sign to focus on each week.

In phonics the children have been looking at Phase 1 and have spent lots of time learning to listen and join in with different forms of sounds such as environmental, instrumental and rhyming.

We are now also focusing on mark making in Nursery.  This ranges from mopping the floor outside to writing our names on our pictures. Santa will be busy as the Nursery children all write him a letter every day and post it in his post box in our mark making area.

The children still enjoy playing outside on the Astroturf and particularly enjoy jumping in the muddy puddles and making ‘fires’ with the leaves on our school grounds. Inside the Nursery the children are all confident in accessing the areas of provision and explore really well. They have also achieved a huge milestone as they sit down for the register every morning.

The children enjoyed their visit from Santa’s elf who delivered a Christmas tree and lots of fun activities for them to do in Nursery. We have also been singing lots in preparation for our Christmas sing along.

Well done to everyone in Nursery another amazing half term! The children have made huge progress in their confidence and independence.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a well-deserved rest.

This half term has seen the children settle into Nursery school. 

The children have learnt how to be resilient and settle themselves in a morning.  They have also become independent and access the activities in the provision areas when coming into school and throughout their day at Nursery.

The children have spent a lot of focus on forming new friendships with children and adults. 

New rules and routines have been established and the children are working hard every day to follow these to the best of their ability.

The children are working hard on speaking in clear sentences and listening to others when adults or children are speaking. We have learnt lots of new, interesting and amazing things about our Nursery class already.

This half term we have had a whole school geography week, looking at the story Handa's Surprise and focusing on hot and cold weather. We read and learnt the story of ‘Supertato’ and had the opportunity to make our very own Supertatos.  We have also celebrated Harvest and baked our own bread which was delicious. 

Mark making is a focus in Nursery.  Colouring has grown in popularity with chalking outside and painting with brushes and rollers being the most popular.

We have also enjoyed exploring our school garden and have planted bulbs which we are looking forward to seeing flower in the Spring. 

Marble the Monkey has begun his adventures spending time at children’s houses listening to stories. 

We are very physically active in Nursery.  All staff and children take part in the daily run. The children know this run as running on the red wiggly line. Despite the wet weather it hasn’t put anyone off playing outside in the rain. 

The children are enjoying our active songs on the carpet in the morning and are developing their language and counting skills. 

Well done Nursery for a successful first half term. We look forward to seeing you all after a week off and starting a new half term of learning and fun.

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