Parents said that Year 1 children were enjoying serving at lunchtime.

A parent commented that the achievement awards really help to build self esteem and confidence in the children.

A parent asked about outdoor PE kits. Ms Lowry said that they should wear something to keep them as warm as they need to be - some children feel the cold more than others.

The Year 1 phonics check was spoken about and Ms Lowry reassured parents it is a yearly check and the children will be fine.

Parents said that some nights their children are tired and it is a struggle to get them to do their homework. Ms Lowry said if they are tired try it on another night as it should be something they enjoy doing.

Could we please remind parents please keep dogs on leads at all times in the school grounds.

Thank you to the parents who came.

Thank you to all who came to have a chat.

Ms Lowry said a parent had passed on how pleased they were that the class teacher had addressed the individual needs of their child recently.

SATS- parents commented on how pleased they were that the special work had gone so well and how much the children had enjoyed it. It was a stress free time for both children and parents. They enjoyed doing the extra Pirate activities in class. The SATS results will be in the end of year reports.

Transition to the Junior school- parents said the children had found it hard to make the choice of friends. Parents felt it was a good decision to mix up the classes, new school new class. The current year 3 classes are mixed up for some lessons and they have found it has worked well.

Sports day- school had received an email from a parent asking why it was in May and not July. We used to hold it in July but had to cancel on numerous occasions due to bad weather. It was moved to May as it gave more options to rearrange if the weather was bad. Parents present said they were happy with it in May as July is a busy month.

In the recent parent view questionnaire the majority of parents were very positive about school. 13% ( 5 parents) said they didn't feel school dealt with bullying in the appropriate way. All staff follow the anti-bullying policy which will be attached to the next newsletter. Parents did say there was a difference in being bullied and being mean and it is always better to contact school if you have any issues. They said when they have contacted school over something it is always dealt with and sorted out. Each class has weekly circle times and this gives children the chance to express their feelings etc. Please contact school if you feel the need-we are here to listen.

Spelling contract, Some year 2 parents said the children were losing interest in it . Ms Lowry said she will speak to the class teachers.

Parents asked how the new lining up system was working for the reception classes and it is working very well and all are used to it now.

Look out for the next date for Parent Voice.

Thank you to all the parents who came this morning, it was really good to see some new faces.

Parents said the children had really enjoyed the BFG performance and Oliver Twist.

One parent said they loved the theme for the Carnival this year rather than dressing in red, white and blue.

The year 2 to year 3 class mix up was mentioned. The Juniors asked for help from the Infants as they felt we knew the children both academically and with friendships. The majority of parents who came this morning said next time just do the mixing without notifying the parents first as this has just happened at Juniors with the year 3 and they felt it was the best way. One parent said they are mixed for some lessons in year 3 and the children will all see their friends on the playground.

All year 2 children enjoyed the transition day on Wednesday at the Juniors and parents felt the buddy system works well. Some parents said this really helps them settle and the friendship continues through school.

The Reception / Nursery canopy was mentioned, parents said it is looking quite dirty and has a lot of spiders webs etc on and looks unsightly Ms Lowry said she would speak to Mr Hill about it and get it sorted. They commented that the lining up was working well for Reception classes although one class always seems quicker than the other at coming out.

Parents commented on how their children had really enjoyed having Paul Cookson the poet in school. They had come home really excited and some children who previously wouldn’t have wanted to read.

The parents felt the meeting Mrs Shaw and Mrs Whitehead held on spelling contracts and how they are used in year 2 was very helpful. The children are responding well to being responsible for their own learning. One parent asked if the contracts will be used in year 1. Ms Lowry said not at this present time.

The parents felt there are more opportunities to come into school through such things as open afternoons and mornings. It gives parents an insight into what their children are learning and explaining how they reflect on their own learning by marking their own work. The children really enjoy showing off their work. Parents asked if the days could be moved about so that they are not always taking place on a Friday.

Maths is still very intense in school due to the new curriculum and Maths is now a positive learning experience and involves fun activities, singing and dancing.

There will be a SATS meeting for Year 2 parents at the end of March. The tests take place during the month of May. There is the new SPAG test and year 1 will still be sitting the phonics test. Those children that don’t pass in year 1 resit in year 2.

A parent asked about the £3 contribution money and how it is spent in school. The spending of this money is very needs led and the latest things purchased for school were 6 superhero costumes for early years. It was decided when big items are purchased from school fund then these will be mentioned in the newsletter. The accounts are completed by the School Business Manager and audited independently.

The focus for World Book Day was story telling. We decided not to dress up as we had dressed up in yellow for a Liver Transplant charity as we have a child who has had a liver transplant in school.

We have asked the children to wear sportswear today for sports relief but are not asking for donations as the PSA are to make a donation from the funds raised by the Big Bounce. We like to take part in these events as it raises awareness for children but we have listened to parents concerns about having too many dressing up days and the pressure this puts on parents.

Next week is autism week and we have told parents about what’s available for them to attend. We feel our children are too young to be able to understand about autism and we use circle of friends role models to work with children with specific needs.

Parents asked if school could ring them if their child receives a red card as sometimes they are receiving the information second hand from child-minders and Hopscotch. Ms Lowry agreed to this if it is appropriate.

A parent asked what the schools stance was on boisterous playground play fighting before school. Ms Lowry said we have a a lot of activities at playtime and lunchtime to stop this from happening as it is not good. We also speak to the children about personal space and keeping each other safe.

Parents commented on how good correspondence from school is using both e-mail and texting and they particularly like the dates for diary section of the newsletter. The only thing they would like to improve is for classroom staff to name any letters not given out due to the child missing school.

Ms Lowry explained there are a large number of cluster events happening at the moment. There is a music group at the Junior school, there are competitions with other schools around sport and there will be an art exhibition to be held at a local church.

Ms Lowry said she would find out about the support available to parents re: adoption.

It was good to see everyone this morning.

Firstly parents commented that the Athletics which year 2 took part in this week was a big success and all the children had enjoyed it. We as a school were very proud of all the children who participated and represented the school at the Athletics Competition.

Year 1 parents said how much they had enjoyed making pancakes this week. This was part of the cookery curriculum, concentrating on measuring and weighing.

Parents with children involved in the Groove Generation at the Junior school said how much they are enjoying it. This is a cluster wide drumming group with children from different schools and a range of ages taking part. This is the second year it has run and does prove very popular with all who take part.

Year 2 are trialling a new spelling contract, parents said it was very good and is definitely working and helping with the children's spellings. Making it more enjoyable at home.

An email was shown to parents which school had received from a parent regarding the congestion around the Reception and Nursery classes. Parents agreed that it is congested particularly near the gate area with people queuing to drop off and collect. A parent offered to write a letter suggesting a different queuing system and she would be available to man the start of the new system in the area. Details will be in the newsletter. Thank you.

Parents said the road markings outside school were much better but we are still encountering people parking over the dropped kerb areas. It s very important that we think of the safety of our children.

Icy conditions on the playground were discussed. School has bought 3 tonnes of grit from the council and Mr Hill does a very good job of keeping gate areas and paths gritted but on a certain day when he had gritted the areas it then rained a little and froze resulting in the playground becoming slippery. School would appreciate if parents came in to speak about this rather than on social media sites.

Parents said that Parent Voice is a really good place to come with any issues and that it is listened to and addressed.

A parent commented that their child had gone home saying they had heard a naughty word in class from a friend. Please be aware this was addressed in class today and the children know it is not acceptable to use these words in school.

Thank you to all who came to the meeting it was a very productive and informative meeting.

Look out for details about the congestion in the future newsletters.

It was nice to see some new and returning parents this morning.

Parents said they were pleased with how reading and spellings were going at home. They were happy with the quick turn round of reading books in year 2, another parent commented her child was going home very positive about the spellings he got right.

Ms Lowry said school had received an email from a parent saying, too much information was coming from school some repeated and not universally relevant. Also too many events were organised. Parents said we have had 3 dressing up days in 2 weeks. Ms Lowry's reply to this is, we feel there were too many and we would try to ensure that this would not happen again. Another parent said it is optional and it is the parent/child’s choice to participate and as long as the dressing up does not interfere with their education they were happy. All events are to make the children aware of what is happening around them and helps to make them confident, concerned citizens of the world. Parents feel school gives a good amount of information in the form of the school website, newsletters and texts and parents can read what is relevant to them. One parent said the communication with parents gives a community feel. Ms Lowry asked if too many contributions were asked for from parents. They said it is optional if you want to participate or not and school would agree with this.

The parents said some people were not happy with the school photographs as they would have preferred a more natural pose. It was agreed that school photos are by their nature quite formal and not similar to those at home.

Parents were concerned about how they could help their children with Maths at home. They felt confident about reading and spelling. There is information in the Curriculum area of the website showing the Maths topics in each term. Parents were also given the next step at parents’ evening. Parents are welcome to get in touch with the class teacher for further guidance. School will be holding Maths information sessions after Christmas.

Thanks to all parents for their contributions.

Ms Lowry asked if parent's read the Newsletter and the attachments. Parent's said yes and they read the attachments if they are relevant.  All parents present said they felt happy with the amount of correspondence sent out and it was better that attachments were sent with the Newsletter. One parent said they really like the dates section on the Newsletter.

It was commented how well behaved the children were at the Rugby Big Sing which some of our year 2 children went to with staff and parent helpers. They thought the children coped very well with the event. Thank you

One Parent praised the care shown by staff towards families and appreciated the time made for them.

Year 2 parent said they liked the Spellings and Learn its, also the quick turn around with the reading books.

Homework was spoken about, and again parents were happy with the amount given. We finished with a tour around the School which parents liked.

Thank you to the parents who came.

The parents felt the assessment evening at Guiseley High School was very good and explained the booklet well. There is another evening at Benton Park High School followed by one here in September.

The transition evening for children from Reception to Year 1 was very well attended and prepared parents for what to expect when their child moves up. The children really enjoy the Maths Challenge.

We have recently had 2 hotline messages from Leeds City Council regarding stranger danger alerts. As a school we only receive basic information which we forward onto parents. The fact that there have been 2 incidents so close together has made some parents anxious. Ms Lowry will send something out to parents explaining the process.

The Summer fair was well attended and the children enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately we are not able to hold our fair on a Saturday as the PSA run it, and are volunteers, also we would not like to clash with the Junior schools event which is held on a Saturday.

The parents asked if a text could be sent out to remind them that the children need to bring their disco clothes to change into for the after school disco.

The school will be taking part in the Yeadon carnival on Saturday.

Scooter Park

The scooter park is well used and parents are happy there is somewhere to leave scooters during the day.

Solar Eclipse

Parents were pleased the children were watching the eclipse inside via the television as there were some concerns that the children would look directly at the sun even though they know not to.

Westfield Market Street

The parents said the event was well received and the children had a lovely time trying all the free samples and taking part in the tombola. They also commented on how lovely the fruit and vegetable lady was. Ms Lowry explained we had also had Mr Gomersal from the allotment society to do an exciting assembly for the children.

Reception entrance

A parent has asked if we could look into the reception children coming into school without their parents. Comments were:

  • Send the children in on their own as the area gets too crowded and busy
  • Parents to use the waving window instead
  • It can be overwhelming for the children
  • Children come out on their own so could we start sending them in on their own

Ms Lowry is to speak to the reception staff and ask them if we can try from Easter to have the children coming in on their own if they are ready which will prepare them for the transition to year 1.

World Book Day

A parent with a child who does not like to dress up suggested as an alternative to fancy dress that the children could bring their favourite book into school instead. This was viewed to be a good idea as they are supposed to be fun events.

Head lice

There have been a number of cases of head lice in school. We are going to ask all parents to check and treat their children on a specific night in the hope this may eliminate the problem. Also Miss Judson will look into putting information onto the website to help parents.

Thank you to all who attended or sent their ideas.