The morning started on a positive note with parents feeling very happy about the school lunches. The parents who had already visited at lunchtime were impressed by the servers and the quality of the food. They also said they could see how proud all the staff were about lunchtime at Westfield Infants. They liked how the children responded to the staff when the Quiet card is shown, and felt the whole social aspect was a lovely experience. 
It was suggested that new parents were given an option of visiting at lunchtime or at the new parents evening. This would be looked into. Parents felt the menu was good and liked that they were displayed in the windows.
One parent commented that they did not appreciate that they would not be sat with their child.  Ms Lowry said logistically it was not possible and we had to think about the children whose parents were unable to visit on that day.

A parent asked if the quality of the meals would be affected once the free school meals come in to place in September. Ms Lowry said we would do our best to keep the quality as it is at present. Parents suggested that a fundraising event could boost available money towards lunches so as the quality was kept to the current standard. Ms Lowry said it could be a possibility but as yet things are not finalized from the government regarding the free school meals. It was said that puddings may alter slightly and yoghurts and fresh fruit may be on the menu more once free school meals come into effect, all parents at parent voice were happy with this suggestion.

It was commented that the text about book day was a little late for some parents. Mrs Middleton said it was sent as a reminder hoping it would help people. Other parents said they do like the way the text messages are sent.

Ms Lowry spoke about the importance of a prompt start time and said she was looking at different options to start the day.

It was mentioned that the transition from year group to year group be looked at as some children had struggled in the past. We said that we do a great deal in transition with year 2 but would look at all the years within school.

A parent asked about children accessing road safety and we said we would contact our local PCO to come in and deliver an assembly on road safety as they have done in the past.

Thank you to those who attended and we look forward to seeing more at our next meeting.