Thank you to those who attended. It would be lovely to see more parents coming and having a chat at the next parent voice.

Sponsored Bounce- parents said it was fun, the children loved it and they felt it was a really good fund raiser and that the children understood the money raised was for other people which they liked. Thank you to PSA for organizing it .

The PSA would welcome new members to join them. The tea party is next Thursday.

Ms Lowry asked parents about the homework questionnaire only 25 completed questionnaires were returned to school. She handed some out this morning along with the Sharing Learning Policy and asked what parents opinions were on homework and what they would like in a booklet that could be sent home regarding homework. Some felt that any work sent home would be better renamed to sharing and learning which would ease the pressure of "homework" on parents and children.

Parents were asked what workshops they would like in the Autumn term. They said they would like another Phonics workshop as they had found the previous one to be really helpful. They would also like a maths workshop. It was asked what time of day would be suitable and parents said a daytime preferably morning and an evening session.

One parent asked if we as a school have changed our handwriting style. Ms Lowry said yes we are introducing flicks at the end and the new parents would be told about this at new parent evenings. Parents asked for an example to be sent home so they can follow and keep up to it. They also asked would the words sent home be in the new style? No they would still be in bold style.

The reaction to school meals was very positive and parents said they had enjoyed coming to school to share a lunch time with the children. It was commented on that some parents still think the servers are a little slow and the food is cool when they get to eat it. We would encourage any parent with any doubts to come and pop in at lunchtime to put their minds at rest.

Parents said it would be good if school could make a cookbook with past and present recipes in from school lunches. They suggested the children write quotes and draw pictures to go with the recipes. Packed lunches could write suggestions for healthy packed lunch boxes. This is something school has thought about before. We will look into a cookbook.

Parents asked about free flow on a Friday at golden time. This was explained and the parent was happy to know what her son meant.

Ms Lowry explained that the next parent voice would be on the Friday afternoon instead of the morning so as to accommodate parents who are unable to make the morning parent voice.

A parent asked about PE classes this term. Ms Lowry explained and said that a new scheme would be starting in September based around a story.

It was asked if parent voice had brought more parents to the meetings rather than when it was called parent forum. It was felt by parents that we need to promote parent voice more, even though it is in the news letter on numerous occasions. Posters at each classroom entrance was a suggestion. They also said any comments or suggestions could be put in a sealed envelope and passed to a parent to open at the next parent voice. Parent Voice would also be promoted at the new parents’ evening.

Parents asked about late marks for yesterday with the water problem. It was explained that no late marks would be given due to the circumstances. Praise was given to the school on the handling of the water incident in our area yesterday and they very much appreciated the prompt messaging and information sharing to parents on the situation.

Thank you.