This was our first afternoon Parent Voice and it was nice to see all those who came along.

The school cook book had lots of good responses from parents and some said they had already tried some of the recipes with positive results from parents and approval from their children.The cook book is still available to buy from the front office.

Sports day, it was asked how teams were sorted for the sports day. Miss Lowry said 4 names were taken from each register and so on until the end of the list. Siblings were put in the same groups. Although there was on oversight with one sibling not in the same group.

Miss Lowry said she would take on board peoples concerns and suggestions for the next sports day and also pointed out that we would try to use more of the field next time with the possibility of a circuit system.

A reception parent had asked about the possibility of an after school homework club for reading etc? Miss Lowry said that staffing this may be an issue as the children would have a variety of reading and homework needs. Miss Lowry did suggest trying to fit reading in as part of the bed time routine. She also offered for the mum to come in and she could offer her some help.

A parent asked how are the children chosen who are taken out for extra curricular trips and activities. Miss Lowry said for some they a literally picked out of a hat and others are picked through auditions and the children are aware of this.

The reception trip was praised by a parent helper but they felt that the text messaging for the visit caused some confusion. This was relating to the dress code and that the children could take money on the trip, they felt it was sent too late before setting off for school. Parents spoke about the possibility of a formatted letter with tick boxes relevant to that trip. They also said that bullet points would be easier to read as some parents surf read and miss some important information. This would be looked into by school.

Transition was praised this year and parents liked that the children arrived at their new classroom door on the morning of transition. They also liked finding out earlier about classrooms for September and who the teachers were going to be.

Thank you to all who have joined us for Parent voice this year and we look forward to seeing you and new parents in September. Enjoy the summer holidays.