A warm welcome to all parents and carers. It was nice to see some new faces at our first parent voice of the new academic year.

School lunches

A parent had been asked by another parent if school could offer a choice as some children do not particularly like some meals on the menu. Ms Lowry explained that family service would not work on a choice system as the lunches are worked out nutritionally over 3 weeks. The children would not get a nutritionally balanced meal if choice was given. Ms Lowry pointed out that we have not had a choice since family service started 5 years ago and it has worked well and we are always looking at different ideas for meals. Comments were passed on that some children are going home hungry. Another parent said they do get hungry due to the amount of energy they are using whilst at school. If a child is not eating their lunch then parents would be informed. A parent said "keep the quality and not the choice". The cookery book was praised once again by parents. One parent said when she came to see lunches last year she was pleased with both the portion size and quality of the meals. A reception parent said that they were really happy with school dinners.


Year 1 spellings have gone down well. Parents said how they liked the children bringing spellings home to learn and their children like doing them. Parents also commented that they like the increase in homework. They had to google some of the terms used and soon sorted things out and understood what was to be done. Ms Lowry said school are having Literacy and Numeracy evenings in November for parents to come along to. Parents were very positive about these. Parents also asked if a sample of the new writing style used in school could be sent home and Ms Lowry said we would look in to it.


Parents said some children were going home with paint and pen marks on their uniforms which was difficult to get off in the wash. Ms Lowry pointed out that all paint and pens used in school were water based. We have a little tip from Mrs Jennings that a dab of fairy liquid on the mark prior to washing works well. (other washing up liquids are available). Mrs Middleton asked if parents would like an option to buy school uniform from an alternative supplier. Ordering online was mentioned so a choice could be made for both cost and quality. All parents present were in favour of an option to choose between two suppliers for school uniform. Mrs Middleton said she would enquire about online ordering as well as PC sports. A parent asked could we sell PE T- shirts separately rather than as a complete PE set. Mrs Middleton said she would look in to this.

School Photographs

Parents said they were not happy with the last class photos. Mrs Middleton explained that as a school we had already changed photographers and the new one is booked for this year it will be John Hunt who offers some very good packages of quality photographs at reasonable prices. Mrs Middleton said she would appreciate parents comments about the new photographer once parents have received the photos so we could see about keeping him for the future. PSA Comments were made that parents really liked all the past PSA Christmas and end of term items, such as the calendar, mugs ,bags etc. They said they loved the CD which was produced for Christmas one year. A parent asked if a member of staff could be present at the older children's school discos so more control was visible. Ms Lowry said there is normally a member of staff present but she would check for the next disco.

Dressing up days

A parent asked if they were optional and we said yes they are. A past reception parent pointed out that not a lot of notice was given for dressing up days in reception and she was sure a little bit more notice would be appreciated by parents.


All parents said how much they liked the text messaging from school and said how informative they are. Please keep them coming.

All parents who came to parent voice said how fantastic the video is on you tube for the instrument amnesty.


It was asked for security reasons why are the gates at Infants are not always locked but Juniors are? Ms Lowry explained most of our gates are locked the only one not locked through the day has a top lever over for extra security and it was a cost issue as the Junior school gates are electrical and cost a lot of money.

Waving window

Is year 2 a waving window or not? Ms Lowry said unfortunately it is not a waving window and asked for waving and cuddles to be done prior to going into class so the children can settle quickly once in class.

Scooter parking

It was asked if we could have a scooter parking facility like the Junior school. Ms Lowry said we would look in to it but obviously space and security was an issue. Ms Lowry, Mrs Middleton and Mrs Fryer were all out on the playground that afternoon looking at possible places to put one.

Thank you to all who came. Look out for the next date for parent voice.