Thank you to the 2 parents who were able to attend. Apologies were given by another parent who passed on that she had no issues and we are doing a marvellous job. Thank you.

It was decided that all future planned afternoon Parent voice meetings would be moved to morning meetings. This is because parents seemed to feel mornings were easier to attend and hopefully it would be more convenient for parents.

Parent's evening went well and parents liked the workbooks given out and also the white boards. The parents present said they liked the way the evening was set out but to possibly have a few more chairs for the next one please. Ms Lowry said she liked it as it was more efficient and ran smoothly.

Parking - it was asked since the resurfacing of the road outside school would the 'No Parking' strips be repainted as they felt it was important for the safety of the children. Ms Lowry said school would contact the Highways about this matter.

One parent said they had looked at the Tesco school uniform online and liked it and thought it was good value.

School photos - parents thought these were a very good price for the packages offered. We as a school were very happy with the new photographer especially the time he took with each individual child's photo.

A parent asked if it was possible to get a handout from the Phonics evening as she was working and could not attend. Ms Lowry said she would make them available from the front desk in the main entrance of school if parents wished to pick them up.

A parent pointed out that some children are riding scooters quite fast in the playground and was worried about the safety of the children before school as he had witnessed a near collision one morning. Mrs Middleton said that work would be starting very soon for the new Bike and Scooter store but pointed out it would be parents' responsibility to fasten up and secure bikes and scooters once in the store. Ms Lowry pointed out that children should not ride bikes or scooters in the school grounds.

Thank you to those who attended today's meeting.