Ms Lowry said she had a few points from the previous Parent Voice to mention.

She had phoned the Highways in relation to the road markings outside school and said they would get back to her.

School Uniform

It was asked if parents had ordered any school uniform from Tesco. Parent's said they had not yet ordered but had looked at the site and were impressed both with the sizes and choice. Some said they would be ordering later in the year.

School photographs

Parents really liked them and thought the packs were both good quality and value, although the big photos were very big. One parent commented that she thought the proof was quite dark but was pleased with the actual photograph.

Nursery Extra Sessions

A parent asked if the offer of extra sessions in Nursery had been a success. Ms Lowry said yes, lots of parents had taken extra sessions and all was going well. The parent said she wished it had been in place when her children were in nursery as she would have taken the option of paying for extra sessions.

Scooter store

School has noticed that children are playing in this area in a morning and messing with the gate, a temporary sign will go up shortly. Could parents please not let the children play in this area.

The Thing in the Hall

It was asked if Infant children would be visiting the Junior school hall display. Ms Lowry said yes, some had visited and really enjoyed it and Juniors were going to let us know when more could visit.

Reading books

Parents commented how enthusiastic the children are to read at home. Ms Lowry said that we have a lot of new books in school and the children are enjoying reading them but we also need to make sure they understand what they have read.

Food For Life

Mrs Middleton mentioned that school would be having a Food for life week In March with lots of different things happening, one of them would be a fair trade tombola. She asked the parents present if they thought parents would possibly donate fair trade food etc for the tombola. The parents present said they thought they would if given enough notice. Mrs Middleton said she would put it in next week’s newsletter to give plenty of notice.

School Trips

Finally a parent said she liked the new style of letter for school trips / visits with the form at the bottom.

Thank you to those parents who came and we look forward to seeing more at the next parent voice.