Scooter Park

The scooter park is well used and parents are happy there is somewhere to leave scooters during the day.

Solar Eclipse

Parents were pleased the children were watching the eclipse inside via the television as there were some concerns that the children would look directly at the sun even though they know not to.

Westfield Market Street

The parents said the event was well received and the children had a lovely time trying all the free samples and taking part in the tombola. They also commented on how lovely the fruit and vegetable lady was. Ms Lowry explained we had also had Mr Gomersal from the allotment society to do an exciting assembly for the children.

Reception entrance

A parent has asked if we could look into the reception children coming into school without their parents. Comments were:

  • Send the children in on their own as the area gets too crowded and busy
  • Parents to use the waving window instead
  • It can be overwhelming for the children
  • Children come out on their own so could we start sending them in on their own

Ms Lowry is to speak to the reception staff and ask them if we can try from Easter to have the children coming in on their own if they are ready which will prepare them for the transition to year 1.

World Book Day

A parent with a child who does not like to dress up suggested as an alternative to fancy dress that the children could bring their favourite book into school instead. This was viewed to be a good idea as they are supposed to be fun events.

Head lice

There have been a number of cases of head lice in school. We are going to ask all parents to check and treat their children on a specific night in the hope this may eliminate the problem. Also Miss Judson will look into putting information onto the website to help parents.

Thank you to all who attended or sent their ideas.