Alternative picking up

It was commented that some parents miss out on seeing some of the after school performances by the pupils, such as the choir performing at the food fair due to collecting siblings. Perhaps we could suggest arranging with a friend or relative to pick up siblings so that parents do not miss out.

School CD

Parents said that they really liked the CD which school produced with all the children singing different songs for the Queen's jubilee a few years ago. They asked if we would be doing another one. We said we would look in to it but it is an awful lot of work. The last one was for the Queen’s Jubilee so it might just be for special occasions such as the Queen’s birthday next year.


It was asked that if the school mugs or Christmas cards are done again could the date be included on them please.


Ms Lowry asked what parents thought about school holding the evening for Reception to Year 1 transition, parents said yes they liked the idea. A year 2 transition evening or after school drop in would be considered at Infant school for parents to ask questions before attending the Junior evening.

Running Club

Would this be carried on next year? Ms Lowry said it depends on Miss Holmes, it is going well but it is not certain.

Music Club

It has been good for some year 2 going to Junior school to do this, will it continue next year? It will run next year.


Ms Lowry asked did parents know about it? It is changing, parents said no. The Government are changing the assessment criteria for schools, but it is up to schools to decide how they do it. The Aireborough cluster are working together and will be holding joint meetings in the Summer term to explain the changes to parents.

Curriculum bulletins

Are they helpful? Yes parents find them helpful and liked them.