Ms Lowry asked if parent's read the Newsletter and the attachments. Parent's said yes and they read the attachments if they are relevant.  All parents present said they felt happy with the amount of correspondence sent out and it was better that attachments were sent with the Newsletter. One parent said they really like the dates section on the Newsletter.

It was commented how well behaved the children were at the Rugby Big Sing which some of our year 2 children went to with staff and parent helpers. They thought the children coped very well with the event. Thank you

One Parent praised the care shown by staff towards families and appreciated the time made for them.

Year 2 parent said they liked the Spellings and Learn its, also the quick turn around with the reading books.

Homework was spoken about, and again parents were happy with the amount given. We finished with a tour around the School which parents liked.

Thank you to the parents who came.