It was nice to see some new and returning parents this morning.

Parents said they were pleased with how reading and spellings were going at home. They were happy with the quick turn round of reading books in year 2, another parent commented her child was going home very positive about the spellings he got right.

Ms Lowry said school had received an email from a parent saying, too much information was coming from school some repeated and not universally relevant. Also too many events were organised. Parents said we have had 3 dressing up days in 2 weeks. Ms Lowry's reply to this is, we feel there were too many and we would try to ensure that this would not happen again. Another parent said it is optional and it is the parent/child’s choice to participate and as long as the dressing up does not interfere with their education they were happy. All events are to make the children aware of what is happening around them and helps to make them confident, concerned citizens of the world. Parents feel school gives a good amount of information in the form of the school website, newsletters and texts and parents can read what is relevant to them. One parent said the communication with parents gives a community feel. Ms Lowry asked if too many contributions were asked for from parents. They said it is optional if you want to participate or not and school would agree with this.

The parents said some people were not happy with the school photographs as they would have preferred a more natural pose. It was agreed that school photos are by their nature quite formal and not similar to those at home.

Parents were concerned about how they could help their children with Maths at home. They felt confident about reading and spelling. There is information in the Curriculum area of the website showing the Maths topics in each term. Parents were also given the next step at parents’ evening. Parents are welcome to get in touch with the class teacher for further guidance. School will be holding Maths information sessions after Christmas.

Thanks to all parents for their contributions.