It was good to see everyone this morning.

Firstly parents commented that the Athletics which year 2 took part in this week was a big success and all the children had enjoyed it. We as a school were very proud of all the children who participated and represented the school at the Athletics Competition.

Year 1 parents said how much they had enjoyed making pancakes this week. This was part of the cookery curriculum, concentrating on measuring and weighing.

Parents with children involved in the Groove Generation at the Junior school said how much they are enjoying it. This is a cluster wide drumming group with children from different schools and a range of ages taking part. This is the second year it has run and does prove very popular with all who take part.

Year 2 are trialling a new spelling contract, parents said it was very good and is definitely working and helping with the children's spellings. Making it more enjoyable at home.

An email was shown to parents which school had received from a parent regarding the congestion around the Reception and Nursery classes. Parents agreed that it is congested particularly near the gate area with people queuing to drop off and collect. A parent offered to write a letter suggesting a different queuing system and she would be available to man the start of the new system in the area. Details will be in the newsletter. Thank you.

Parents said the road markings outside school were much better but we are still encountering people parking over the dropped kerb areas. It s very important that we think of the safety of our children.

Icy conditions on the playground were discussed. School has bought 3 tonnes of grit from the council and Mr Hill does a very good job of keeping gate areas and paths gritted but on a certain day when he had gritted the areas it then rained a little and froze resulting in the playground becoming slippery. School would appreciate if parents came in to speak about this rather than on social media sites.

Parents said that Parent Voice is a really good place to come with any issues and that it is listened to and addressed.

A parent commented that their child had gone home saying they had heard a naughty word in class from a friend. Please be aware this was addressed in class today and the children know it is not acceptable to use these words in school.

Thank you to all who came to the meeting it was a very productive and informative meeting.

Look out for details about the congestion in the future newsletters.