Parents commented on how their children had really enjoyed having Paul Cookson the poet in school. They had come home really excited and some children who previously wouldn’t have wanted to read.

The parents felt the meeting Mrs Shaw and Mrs Whitehead held on spelling contracts and how they are used in year 2 was very helpful. The children are responding well to being responsible for their own learning. One parent asked if the contracts will be used in year 1. Ms Lowry said not at this present time.

The parents felt there are more opportunities to come into school through such things as open afternoons and mornings. It gives parents an insight into what their children are learning and explaining how they reflect on their own learning by marking their own work. The children really enjoy showing off their work. Parents asked if the days could be moved about so that they are not always taking place on a Friday.

Maths is still very intense in school due to the new curriculum and Maths is now a positive learning experience and involves fun activities, singing and dancing.

There will be a SATS meeting for Year 2 parents at the end of March. The tests take place during the month of May. There is the new SPAG test and year 1 will still be sitting the phonics test. Those children that don’t pass in year 1 resit in year 2.

A parent asked about the £3 contribution money and how it is spent in school. The spending of this money is very needs led and the latest things purchased for school were 6 superhero costumes for early years. It was decided when big items are purchased from school fund then these will be mentioned in the newsletter. The accounts are completed by the School Business Manager and audited independently.

The focus for World Book Day was story telling. We decided not to dress up as we had dressed up in yellow for a Liver Transplant charity as we have a child who has had a liver transplant in school.

We have asked the children to wear sportswear today for sports relief but are not asking for donations as the PSA are to make a donation from the funds raised by the Big Bounce. We like to take part in these events as it raises awareness for children but we have listened to parents concerns about having too many dressing up days and the pressure this puts on parents.

Next week is autism week and we have told parents about what’s available for them to attend. We feel our children are too young to be able to understand about autism and we use circle of friends role models to work with children with specific needs.

Parents asked if school could ring them if their child receives a red card as sometimes they are receiving the information second hand from child-minders and Hopscotch. Ms Lowry agreed to this if it is appropriate.

A parent asked what the schools stance was on boisterous playground play fighting before school. Ms Lowry said we have a a lot of activities at playtime and lunchtime to stop this from happening as it is not good. We also speak to the children about personal space and keeping each other safe.

Parents commented on how good correspondence from school is using both e-mail and texting and they particularly like the dates for diary section of the newsletter. The only thing they would like to improve is for classroom staff to name any letters not given out due to the child missing school.

Ms Lowry explained there are a large number of cluster events happening at the moment. There is a music group at the Junior school, there are competitions with other schools around sport and there will be an art exhibition to be held at a local church.

Ms Lowry said she would find out about the support available to parents re: adoption.