Thank you to all who came to have a chat.

Ms Lowry said a parent had passed on how pleased they were that the class teacher had addressed the individual needs of their child recently.

SATS- parents commented on how pleased they were that the special work had gone so well and how much the children had enjoyed it. It was a stress free time for both children and parents. They enjoyed doing the extra Pirate activities in class. The SATS results will be in the end of year reports.

Transition to the Junior school- parents said the children had found it hard to make the choice of friends. Parents felt it was a good decision to mix up the classes, new school new class. The current year 3 classes are mixed up for some lessons and they have found it has worked well.

Sports day- school had received an email from a parent asking why it was in May and not July. We used to hold it in July but had to cancel on numerous occasions due to bad weather. It was moved to May as it gave more options to rearrange if the weather was bad. Parents present said they were happy with it in May as July is a busy month.

In the recent parent view questionnaire the majority of parents were very positive about school. 13% ( 5 parents) said they didn't feel school dealt with bullying in the appropriate way. All staff follow the anti-bullying policy which will be attached to the next newsletter. Parents did say there was a difference in being bullied and being mean and it is always better to contact school if you have any issues. They said when they have contacted school over something it is always dealt with and sorted out. Each class has weekly circle times and this gives children the chance to express their feelings etc. Please contact school if you feel the need-we are here to listen.

Spelling contract, Some year 2 parents said the children were losing interest in it . Ms Lowry said she will speak to the class teachers.

Parents asked how the new lining up system was working for the reception classes and it is working very well and all are used to it now.

Look out for the next date for Parent Voice.