Thank you to all who came to the first parent voice of this academic year.

Parents said they were so happy about how well the transition of children moving years and new children arriving at school had gone. They were all really happy with the start of the new school year.

One Parent said it was nice to have different after school and in school clubs offered for children with different interests.

School had received an email asking the school times and use of the trail. School times are 8.55 am to 3.00 pm every day.

It also asked why do we want to stop the children playing on the trail before and after school. Children have never been allowed on the trail before or after school because we can’t guarantee that they will be adequately supervised. It is a Health and Safety concern and we want to make sure all children are safe. A sign is visible on the trail stating it is for the sole use of children at our school during school hours and school cannot accept any responsibility for injuries incurred out of those times and it is dangerous when wet. The Home /School agreement will have a new section relating to the use of the trail. This was a unanimous decision by all at parent voice as the best way of informing parents of the use of the trail.

A parent mentioned Year 1 Phonics homework. They were unsure about trigraphs and digraphs in alien words.

It was asked that parents would appreciate support with knowing more about them. There is an explanation on the website. If parents/carers click on the children’s area, click on phonics play and then teachers, you will find a section about subject knowledge. She also said school would consider doing a Phonics evening for parents.

The issue of Dog Poo in the school grounds was raised, please ensure you clean up after your dog. It was also mentioned that all dogs should be under the control of adults whilst on the school premise not under the children's control. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Christmas nativity, it was asked if we could look at a different system to ticket entry. Ms Lowry said she is looking at something different but a final decision has not yet been made. Parents said they were pleased with the advance notice of events as it helped with prior planning and arrangements for parents.

PSA would like to invite you to the AGM which will be held in school on Monday 14th November at 7 pm, it is going to be a fun and friendly evening.

The crossing areas outside the middle gates were mentioned. Parents said the issue of people parking over the dropped curb areas had worsened over the past weeks. Some parents are encountering rude and abusive language when approaching the drivers of the offending cars. Speeding is still an issue with some cars. Please be considerate when parking and think about the safety of the children. Our number one priority is ensuring that children are safe walking in and out and around the school premises.

Thank you to all who came. We had a very productive parent voice.