Thank you to all parents who came this morning.

Parents who came said they were happy with the school photographs, they captured the children as they are and expected the possibility of them not being perfect with hair etc. They said it's not like at home when you can edit photographs but the school ones are something to look back on. We can understand some people were disappointed with them. The parents said children had really enjoyed Artemis, Punch and Judy, Alien day, Cheer leading/ dancing with Leeds Rhinos and the non sporty after school Science club. We are so pleased they enjoyed and are enjoying these activities.

An email was sent saying that they felt school was attempting to censor social media. All parents who came said it wasn't censoring it was safeguarding. They said they were happy with the new home school agreement and any further issues should be brought to a governor or person who is coming to Parent Voice. The email also said they didn't think Punctuality and Attendance Stars were fair or reasonable. From the evidence we have they are working very well for the children and parents said it teaches them about punctuality as this is something that goes right through all our lives. The children are on board and are trying hard to be at school and punctual.

A parent said they felt the photograph of the illegally parked car sent out a good message to parents. On the latest parent questionnaire parking came up as it can be an issue. Parents said cars are still parking illegally and causing problems for the children to cross the road safely. The children's safety is paramount. It was suggested the children make a short video film about the importance of road safety. We will also look in to the children making posters about safe parking and displaying them around the school grounds. Parents who have spoken to people parking illegally said they have experienced verbal abuse. Please remember children are present in the area.

Again an issue of safety: please make sure you bring your child in to the school grounds and see them to the classroom door. It is the parent’s responsibility to bring children in to school.

Parents said they like the texts as some parents don't always read the newsletter but like the text reminders and find them very helpful. The different ways of communication are good. The information on the school website is really good and they like the photographs as they make parents feel included in what is happening. All who came said it was easy to use.

Thank you for a very productive parent voice.