Thank you to those who came this morning.

Parents said children enjoyed the road safety day and went home telling them all about it.

They had also enjoyed the Snow Queen production.

Parking is still causing some issues. Parents said people are still experiencing abuse when they are speaking to people about issues relating to parking. The Police have provided some telephone numbers in to report issues with parking. These will be in this week’s newsletter. Please remember the children's safety is paramount.

The road safety video which the children are making will be coming soon and school will support this with other ideas.

Dog poo is still causing problems on the streets around school. This is causing a problem with children coming in to school with dirty shoes from walking in dog poo.

Part of the grass near year 1 blue fence which gets very wet and muddy is hopefully going to be removed and replaced with pebbles. This should make it easier for passing with pushchairs and pedestrians.

The Scooter Park was mentioned. Some parents said it is a little difficult to park the scooters and bikes with the existing gate. We will look in to sorting this out.

Information about transition will be coming out later this year. Mrs Fryer is available to speak to parents who have any issues leading up to this time.

Thank you.