Thank you to the parents who came this morning.

Parents said they are very pleased with how relaxed the year 2 children are about SATS ( special work). They said their children are not stressed or even aware that they are doing SATS.

Parking is still an issue on some of the roads and paths around school. Please keep sending photographs in of illegally parked cars.

Parents said they had noticed some children climbing trees and going on the trail at the end of the school day. We know that children like to do these things but please do not let them do it on school grounds.

Transition to junior school was spoken about. Parents asked how many visits the children would have. They will have quite a few visits to junior school and junior staff will visit the infant school to meet the children. This has worked well in previous years.

It was commented that Year 2 children have really enjoyed the work this year, taking in so much information and talking about it at home.

It would be nice to see some new faces at our next Parent Voice.