It was nice to see some new parents this morning.

Parents said it was good how school involves parents in school life.

Reception parents commented that they feel the stay and play sessions on a Friday are too often and not long enough causing some of the children get upset when the parents leave. It was suggested that we would look at the frequency and time of day for future sessions.

They like the open mornings as these are less frequent but give a good opportunity to see the progress the children are making.

Parents coming to lunch, some parents said they were disappointed they were not sat with their child. We have tried lots of different ways in the past and this has proved to be the best way and causes the least disruption to the needs of the children.

It was asked if a little bit more information could be given about certain things happening in school that are not very self explanatory.

Parents would appreciate more notice when asked to provide certain items for special assemblies etc as some found only a couple of days was not enough to both budget for or shop for. If any parent is struggling please speak to school.

Snow days were mentioned and although parents appreciate it is hard to predict the weather but felt more clarity needed to be given concerning these days.

A parent asked if the classes are going to be mixed up in September. We said we would check with Ms Lowry and a note would hopefully be put in the newsletter to confirm either way. 

Thank you to all who came and hope to see you next time.