Thank you to the parents who came to our first parent voice for this academic school year. 

Firstly parents commented on how lovely it was that their children are going home in a very positive mood and have had a good day at school. Even though some might say they don't want to go to school in the morning. Parents were very happy that their children are happy at school.

>One parent who came to lunch said she thought it was a really good idea and had enjoyed coming in. 

A parent brought up the issue of black pen on jumpers and they feel they are ruined once pen is on. Ms Lowry said we do understand your frustration but we look at school uniform as workwear and do not have an issue with pen on jumpers. We will ask class teachers to give reminders about careful use of pens and monitor things.

Parking on the dropped kerb areas was mentioned as it makes it hard to cross the road safely. It was suggested that parents take photographs of the illegally parked cars and send them to be published in the newsletter.  The newsletter has information about reporting such incidents to the police. Keeping children safe is paramount. 

Parents who couldn't attend this morning had asked for the reception waving window and not coming in to the classroom to be mentioned. Ms Lowry said as a school we should have communicated better with parents and will take this on board for next year. Parents who were present said initially it was a change but they have got used to it. The benefits school are seeing are great and all the children are happy and learning.

Ms Lowry showed parents a new Attendance Agreement form and asked for their opinion. The parents said they thought it was good and one said she can remember as a child being taken on holiday in term time and how difficult it was when she went back to school.  A parent said it was quite hard to always prove that you are taking children out to medical appointments.

Ms Lowry said that the daily running is going well and some children are running 10 laps at a time. They are building up to 21 laps which is a mile; the children are really enjoying it. 

A reception parent asked how long do they keep their library books? It is a weekly return on the books. A year 1 parent said they have not had library books in year 1 and Ms Lowry said that is because year 1 do not have a volunteer for library so if anyone would like to volunteer for library that would be very nice.

Thank you again for a good start to parent voice.