Thank you to all the parents who came to parent voice this morning, it was so good to see some new parents.

Parents said that nursery children are settling in really well and have found it very supportive and liked the home visits. They think the slide is working really well and helping the children settle quickly when they arrive. Nursery children are now eating lunch in nursery as it helps staff concentrate on building their social skills and table manners.

A parent said that 'playground friends' role for the children is good and they are enjoying their role.

Parents said they like the new recognition boards in the classrooms. This is helping to promote positive behaviour in school.

It was mentioned that some of the children who go to French class on a lunchtime would prefer to have it after school as they are missing their playtime. Ms Lowry has emailed the French teacher about this and she said that she would get back to Ms Lowry but would need at least 10 children for an after school French class.

Parents of year 2 children were asking about the spelling contracts and would like a bit of clarity on how it works and what is expected of the children. Ms Lowry has spoken with year 2 teachers and they are going to hold an information session for parents on the 16th October. They also mentioned that reading in year 2 was different to year 1. Ms Lowry said it does change as the children go through school and has followed up with year 2 staff who are going to look at sending some information out to parents.

Thank you again and looking forward to our next Parent Voice.