Twelve Parents attended and these were the main points discussed.


It was mentioned that juniors have a parent consent form, could we do the same? Ms Lowry will look into it and check with health and safety. She said she didn't want children missing P.E.

Infant/ Juniors

Parent said the differences between the two schools on rules and policies can be confusing. Ms Lowry explained we are separate schools but a cohesion between the two in some things would be looked into.
School start and finish times were spoken about, could a change in times be implemented? Ms Lowry said that a questionnaire could be a possibility to send out to parents of all three schools within our area regarding this.


Could the water/ juice policy be reviewed? Ms Lowry commented it was a tricky area, but she does promote water and feels our Healthy School is very strong and working well. No solution at the moment but will be looked into.

School Dinners

Are the free school meals for all infant aged children starting? Ms Lowry said school has not heard anything since it was first announced by the Government. Mrs Middleton is onto it and waiting to hear on the matter.
Praise was given to infants for our wonderful school lunches, Mrs Middleton offered to parents who were not familiar with our family service and menu to come in and see.

Trust Status

Are all schools in our area a Trust? Ms Lowry explained who are and are not a trust. It was asked if we have an agenda, we don't as yet as it is very early days. Each school will still have its own identity.

Year 2 Reading Books

It was said some of our reading books are quite old and some of the children are not interested in reading them at home. We as a school will look into this.

Year 2 Homework

Does it need returning or not? A letter is going to be sent out clarifying what is needed to be returned.