Welcome to Reception Class

This Year the Reception class teachers are Mrs Sharp in Red Class and Mrs Shaw in Blue Class.  Working along side them are Mrs Middleton and Ms Davis and Ms Kavanagh.  If you would like to help in our unit, please come and chat to us about the possibilities- help is always greatly appreciated- and is very enjoyable too!!

The children will have PE on Monday and Wednesday.  Please make sure all clothing and PE kits are clearly named.  Please include long sleeved top/jog pants & trainers now as some PE may be outside, weather permitting!

Book Bags
Please return book bags daily. Thank you.

This term has not only seen caterpillars turn to butterflies, it has also seen each and every child flourish into independent learners.

Our visit to Hesketh farm was an amazing experience for all involved. The children were fantastic school representatives and gained a lot from this educational visit, and of course this led to some fantastic writing back in class!

Our art exhibition week was a great opportunity for children to showcase their creative talents. The exhibition was a huge success and enjoyed by the wider community. The children in Reception embraced the theme of ‘joy in the outdoors’. The process included four steps:

  1.  Using a design sheet to think about the colours and textures they would like to use to decorate their stone.
  2.  The children spent a morning with parent volunteers to create their special stone using various art and craft resources. It was messy, the hall was full of glitter and we all had lots of fun!
  3.  Once the stones were dry, the children took part in a huge outdoor game of hide and seek! They hid stones for their friends and we took photographs of the joy of the game!
  4.  The Art Exhibition at Trinity Church was a huge success, thank you to all who attended. A small group of children walked to the exhibition with Mrs Sharp during the school day to see the creations from the other schools in the Trust. The children also took part in creating a mini animation using malleable materials.

The art exhibition also helped produce some of the best writing so far! Well done Reception!

Healthy living fortnight highlighted the importance of eating a balanced diet and taking part in physical exercise. Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Sports Day and left the session with an increased heart rate and were full of enthusiasm. 

Mrs Shaw, Mrs Sharp and the reception team are so proud of all the children’s individual accomplishments throughout the year and wish them continued success in year 1. 

We would also like to wish Mrs Shaw good luck and she now puts her feet up and enjoys the start of her maternity leave! 

☀️ Happy holidays ☀️

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During this half term the children in Reception have been learning about ‘Our Wonderful World’. This broad umbrella has covered topics such as new life, spring and Easter, under the sea, life cycles and looking at our environment.

Week 1: Easter
The children thoroughly enjoyed walking to church and listening to Reverend Richard talk about the Easter story and what it means to Christians. This was a great opportunity to discuss faith and religion and explain that people have similar or different beliefs.

Week 2 and 3: The Rainbow Fish
The children absolutely loved learning about life under water. They enjoyed listening to and discussing The Rainbow Fish story. They talked about what it means to be a good friend and the importance of being kind and being able to share. The children explored different textures and materials and were very creative, making some fabulous underwater sea creatures using paper plates. The children became scientists and investigated what would happen if they used different coloured food colouring, water and kitchen roll. The results were super! The children could explain how the colours mixed together to create new colours... and every child created a different piece of rainbow art. The children also learnt the song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. Not only did they learn the words, but they also perfected the song using Makaton sign language! Bravo.

Week 4: The life Cycle of a Frog
During week 4 the children in Reception developed their knowledge and understanding of life cycles. The children looked closely between similarities and differences between each stage of the life cycle and were encouraged to use the correct vocabulary when talking about the changes over time. The children made their own demonstration of a life cycle of a frog and practised their scissor skills when completing this activity (please continue to support this skill at home).They were also able to write sentences about stages of the cycle.

The children also planted their own cress seeds in a pot. They discussed what the seeds needed to grow and also put some seeds in a dark place to see if they would grow as successfully. Over the week, the children were in charge of watering their cress and then they had to describe what had happened and compare their cress with the other children. Some cress grew more successfully than others and the class were able to explain why.

Week 5 and 6: The Treasure of Pirate Frank
The children had a fantastic time pretending to be pirates and using treasure maps! The focus was listening to instructions, following verbal instructions, writing instructions and giving their own instructions to other children and programmable software.

The children used maps to navigate their way around the outdoor area to find the hidden treasure and then the children had to follow instructions and design their own map using key features of the outdoor area.

Parent Share continues to be enjoyed during whole class sessions. Thank you very much for your contributions so far. Please keep sending pictures of your children and their activities at home. It provides fabulous speaking and listening opportunities in class and helps us to get a well rounded picture of your child.

The children are developing their phonics skills each week. We are now reading words with two syllables or more and reading simple sentences. ‘Tricky words’ are words that can’t be sounded out, please help your child to read these words. See a member of staff if you would like any more information to help your child read at home.

Thank you for your continued support in regards to reading books. We always try to send a new book home as soon as you return the reading book to school.

The children have all made amazing progress this half term in regards to their writing. Please help them write for a purpose at home and encourage them to recognise and spell tricky words. To be at age related expectations by the end of Reception the children need to read and write simple sentences without help that can be read by themselves and others.

Our teaching of maths is always done using practical resources and taught in a fun and meaningful context. The children have been adding and subtracting, sharing things equally and making ‘lots of’ (multiplication). The children are developing their knowledge of ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ using numbers to 20 (and beyond) and are ordering numbers 1-20 and beyond.

We are also encouraging the children to use everyday language to describe shapes (2D and 3D), weight, size, position and distance.

We will be consolidating all these skills during the next half term. If you help your child with any of these things then don’t forget to send in a Star Moment or a picture via Parent Share.

All children have thoroughly enjoyed this half term and we look forward to another hugely successful half term after the holidays.

Enjoy your break

Team Reception

During this half term the children have loved exploring fairy tales. These classic and much loved tales have enabled the children to listen to stories with enjoyment, join in with familiar language, flourish as story tellers and develop their skills as writers.

Each week the children in Reception focused on a different fairy tale.

Week 1: The Gingerbread Man
Making the clay gingerbread men was enjoyed by all the children in the class. All were truly unique! Acting out the story in the outside area was a lot of fun and children quickly joined in with the story language and adapted the story when playing independently.

Week 2: The three little pigs
The children had a go at den building outside and took great care in planning and adapting their dens to make them as strong and sturdy as possible. The Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow them all down!

Week 3: British science week
Taking a break from fairy tales, the children across the whole school discussed ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’. In Reception, the children got busy digging for worms and made a wormery, learning fascinating facts along the way. Thank you to all that came to our science exhibition in the hall.

Week 4: Red riding hood
This week the children had the opportunity to make some delicious lemon cream tarts. The children could decide if they would give their tarts to an adult, just like Little Red Riding Hood did, or if they would eat them themselves!

Week 6: Goldilocks
During the final week of our fairy tale topic the children have used porridge oats in their small world role play, been encouraged to order and retell the story independently and act out the story in small groups in the outside area. It has been wonderful to hear such rich vocabulary!

Parent Share is now being enjoyed during whole class sessions. Thank you very much for your contributions so far. Please keep sending pictures of your children. It provides fabulous speaking and listening opportunities in class.

Thank you for your continued support in regards to reading books. We always try to send a new book home as soon as you return the reading book to school.

All children have thoroughly enjoyed this half term and we look forward to another hugely successful half term after the holidays.

Enjoy your break
Team Reception

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Wow, where has time gone? The children in reception have had another amazing half term. We have spent four weeks learning about structures and the children really enjoyed their creative thinking and becoming engineers! Designing, building and adapting their own model trails has been a highlight of the half term and was a real credit to all their hard work and perseverance. Thank you to all who came to see the DT exhibition in the hall. The children were very proud of their achievements.

We have spent a week thinking about E-safety and the importance of asking a grown up for help if we are unsure about anything when using tablets, computers or other devices. The children have given a Beebot (a programmable robot) instructions in order for it to work and then practised giving each other verbal instructions in the outdoor area. The children enjoyed pretending to be robots!

In phonics and literacy, the children have been focusing on recognising digraphs in order to read and working hard on their letter formation when writing words and sentences. They all continue to try so hard and it is a joy to watch them grow in confidence each and every day.

The children are challenging themselves when reading in school and love sharing their reading books at home. Thank you for your continued support with this. Please return your child’s reading book to school as soon as you have finished with it and we can swap it for the next book.

The children have continued to work hard in maths. This half term we have covered adding, subtracting and sharing with numbers to 10. We are encouraging the children to count objects reliably up to ten and developing the skills of counting objects to 20 (and beyond). Thank you to all who could attend our maths mornings. We are really proud of how the children engage during our carpet sessions and it was lovely to share it with you.

Parent Share is now up and running. We will usually send observations of your child’s learning on a Thursday. In addition, we will share any photos and videos that parents send in with the whole class on a Wednesday afternoon. The children love sharing their home life with the rest of the class and it is a fantastic way to promote speaking and listening opportunities. Please keep sending in photos and videos! For any help and support about this please speak to Mrs Sharp.

Next half term we will be thinking about Fairy Tales and story language. The children will be working in groups to retell the stories. If you have any fairy tales at home please share them with your children over the holidays.

Enjoy your break and we look forward to another exciting term in Reception.

The Reception team

This half term the weather has got colder but this hasn’t stopped Reception enjoying our outdoor area. The children are using the outdoor space incredibly well and are developing their physical, imaginative, speaking, listening and social skills whilst they play.

Children have been working hard on developing their fine motor skills. They have been busy building models in the DT area, using tweezers to pick up small objects and threading using beads and pipe cleaners. Furthermore, the children have been working extremely hard using a pencil. Cursive letter formation is being taught and children are encouraged to write in all areas of the classroom. Handwriting using shaving foam, sand, play dough and glass beads has been enjoyed by the whole class and will continue through the spring term. The children are growing in confidence when writing simple words and sentences and are working hard on segmenting a word in order to spell.

Children are now reading on a daily basis. They are developing their blending skills in order to read simple words and sentences. Reading books will continue to be sent home. Please return your child’s reading book as soon as you have read it at home with your child and we can send the next book. Thank you for your continued support.

In maths, we have now looked at all the numbers from one to ten. The children have really enjoyed exploring numbers practically, using musical instruments and exploring and finding different ways to make a number using Numicon i.e 6+3+1=10. The children are developing their 1:1 counting skills and continued support at home would be much appreciated.

We have had two fantastic student teachers work in reception this half term. The children developed super relationships with them and will be sad to see them go now their placement is over. We wish them the best of luck in their teaching careers.

We are introducing a new way to communicate with parents/carers in January, this is called ‘Parent Share’. It is an online system and enables us to share observations with you. In addition, you can send photos and video observations of your child to us and this will enable us to achieve a well rounded picture of each individual child. Star moments will still be another way to share achievements.

Children have made super progress this half term. We look forward to helping them grow and develop in Spring term.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The children had lots of fun at Abbey House Museum this week.  They took part in a Nursery Rhyme workshop and looked around the museum.  After lunch the went to the Abbey ruins and the park.  Thanks to all the parents who helped out.

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This half term has seen the children settle into school life incredibly well. It has been a joy to watch new friendships form and the children develop independence.

New rules and routines have been established and the children are working hard every day to follow these to the best of their ability.

The children are working hard on speaking in clear sentences and listening to others when adults or children are speaking. We have learnt lots of new, interesting and amazing things about our reception class already.

The class have been busy learning new sounds in phonics and are trying hard to sound out words and blend them together in order to read. We will continue to learn new letter sounds next half term too. 

We are having lots of fun developing our gross motor skills. Climbing, crawling, using chalk outside, ‘painting’ large areas with water and much more. We are also busy developing our fine motor control by using Lego, being creative in the DT area, using scissors, investigating ‘funky fingers’ activities and having dough discos on the carpet with play dough! All these activities (and many more) will help your child develop strength in their fingers and will help them to gain more pencil control.

In maths we have been learning all about a number each week. So far we have learnt all about 1, 2, 3 and 4. Within these number sessions we have looked at 2D shapes, objects that have 1,2,3,4 things, we have been counting lots of things in the classroom (saying each number as we count each object) and we have also introduced addition. The children have been using Numicon to make numbers in different ways, I.e. 1+1+1+1=4, 3+1=4, 2+2=4 and 2+1+1=4

Well done reception for a successful first half term. We look forward to seeing you all after a week off and starting a new half term of learning and fun... including a trip to Abbey House Museum!