We try to have as few rules as possible. The rules we do set are based upon safety and consideration for others. Individual classes set out their own classroom rules - these are discussed and decided upon by the pupils and the class teacher and are displayed in the classroom.

In general we reinforce good behaviour through praise. Every week we celebrate the achievements of the pupils in our school with an achievement assembly in which the children show their work, talk about their behaviour and are presented with a certificate. Desirable behaviour is encouraged in this way and all the children are given a chance to shine in one way or another.

Children look forward to and enjoy ‘Golden Time’ – this is a reward for good behaviour and they try to avoid getting a yellow or ultimately a red card and missing this time at the end of the school week. Children are reminded to follow our code of conduct and sanctions such as withdrawal of privileges or removal from the group for a short while are used. If inappropriate behaviour persists, a yellow card can be given. This is usually for behaviour which interrupts learning or for being unkind to others. Another warning is given and then a red card if the behaviour persists and  the child misses five minutes of Golden Time for that week. Occasionally a red card is given straight away for behaviour which is totally unacceptable, such as hurting someone else or deliberately disobeying instructions.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to invite parents to school to discuss their child’s behaviour. It is important for home and school to work together and we would appreciate your co-operation.

More Information can be found in our Behaviour Policy