Welcome to Year 1

Miss Worton Smith is the Red class teacher and Mrs Nolan teaches the Blue class.  Mrs Lupton, Mrs Shabir, Mrs Gilligan, Mrs Askham, Mrs Bodkin-Morton and Mrs Murphy are Year 1 teaching assistants.

PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please make sure all clothing and PE kits are clearly named.  Please include long sleeved top/jog pants & trainers now as some PE may be outside, weather permitting!

Returning Library Books
We will start sending Library Books home soon.

Reading Book Bags
Please make sure book bags are in school on Mondays and Fridays.

The children have continued to work hard this last half term, in spite of battling all the bugs this term has thrown our way!  They have made massive progress in their reading, writing and maths, which you will have seen in their books during our parent consultations and open sessions.  They are increasingly confident and enthusiastic as they settle into Key Stage 1.

In science, the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about classifying animals by what they eat into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, and they have loved reading and writing about the natural world in our English lessons.  We are now well under way with teaching computer science, and the children are learning all about programing, algorithms and debugging using our Beebot robots.

In December we had a design technology day during which the children designed and constructed a moving Christmas picture.  This got us into the Christmas spirit in time for our theatre visit to watch The Night before Christmas at the Playhouse.  The show was an amazing experience for the children, incorporating story, dance and Maketon signing, and had them dancing in the aisles by the end.  More recently they wowed us with their singing and enthusiasm in our own nativity shows.

Physical fitness levels have come on well, as we not only do our two full PE sessions a week covering basic skills, gymnastics, games and dance, but also complete a run every day.  The children can now comfortably complete a quarter mile session at a fair pace, and our next goal is a half mile run.   This is approximately 10 or 11 laps around the heart line.

Thanks for all the support you give the children at home with phonics homework, reading books and spellings.  All your effort is very evident in the progress the children are making.


The children are now well settled into Year 1 and have been working incredibly hard all term. They will be ready for a well-earned rest!

We concentrated on recapping and developing their skills in reading, writing and maths in our first weeks in school. We are really pleased with their progress, and hope you agree now that many of you have seen their books! So far in English, we have studied the traditional tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, which the children rewrote in their own words, and we have been learning about non-fiction writing through the topic of hedgehogs. Alongside this, the children have been learning about punctuation, plurals, nouns and verbs as well as phonics.

We also started our study of geography through the story of Little Red Riding Hood, making collage and then drawn maps for the characters to find their way through the forest. The children learnt about map symbols and making a map key. This work will be continued in our geography day this week, when we will be turning our attention to the story “Handa’s Surprise”. On this day we will not only be continuing our work on mapping skills, but will be finding out about the setting of the story in a tiny Kenyan village and contrasting the country with our own. We will also be tasting fruit from hot and cooler countries.

We will be learning what history is this week too, starting from making timelines to show how we have grown and changed since birth.

In science, we have started learning about seasonal change, our senses and about animals. We have used our senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the outdoor areas, including in the Year 1 sensory garden. The children are becoming very knowledgeable about hedgehogs and are just starting to learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing their harvest songs for you recently. Their singing was lovely and they were very quick to learn.

Have a good break!