Welcome to Year 2

Miss Laycock is the red class teacher and Mrs Whitehead is the blue class teacher.  Mrs Bowles and Miss Hanbury are the Year 2 teaching assistants.

PE will be on Monday and Frioday.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school.

SATS take place throughout May and June in the Summer term.  Parents will be invited to an Information Evening nearer the time.


Miniature Gardens

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Year 2 Visit to Leeds Grand Mosque

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Well it’s been another jam packed half term full of four day weeks and hard work! The children have finished their special work in reading and numeracy. We are so proud of the way they have all tried to do their best. After the holiday we will be finishing the writing which will take us until the end of June.

As well as the special work the children have been learning all about pirates. Why not ask them to tell you about life on board a pirate ship!

In PE we have been lucky enough to have a coach from Leeds Rhinos come in to teach us some rugby skills. We even had a visit from the famous Ronnie Rhino! The children have also been having a go at the skills they will need for sports day next half term. Some of our year 2’s took part in an inter schools cross country competition and did us proud with their running stamina. All the children enjoyed their Pirate Party which is our way of saying well done for another half term of great work.

Next half term is full of exciting things including our educational visits, Sports Day, visits to the junior school and our world famous Leavers Assembly!

Next half term is full of exciting things including our educational visits, Sports Day, visits to the junior school and our world famous Leavers Assembly!

Happy Holiday!

Another busy and fantastic half-term in Year 2!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our Non-Fiction Dinosaur topic, and so have the teachers! We have covered general dinosaur information, wow facts, looked into fossils and measured out the length of many. The children have shown us just how well they could write using headings when they wrote in more detail about the T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. They enjoyed learning facts about each and often shared their own dinosaur knowledge with us.

The topic also linked in with our DT making. They made their own dinosaur fossil (which were a big hit and looked amazing) using clay and plaster of paris. It has been great to see all our children giving their best effort with their writing this term. All adults in Year 2 have been so pleased with the results.

In maths, the children have continued to work hard. They have been learning how to solve some subtractions by counting up, time; minutes past and even division with remainders!!

Science Week …and what a week! The children loved exploring what was beneath their feet and carrying out experiments with Mr Jordanson and Miss Hull. They amazingly grew their own stalagmites and stalactites!

The children have said writing about the dinosaurs and carrying out the experiments were their favourite things this half-term.

Well done and enjoy your Easter break!
Miss Laycock and Mrs Whitehead

It’s been another busy half term in Year 2. The children have worked really hard and it’s lovely to see them all doing so well. We’ve had some exciting focus days including designing some new playground equipment and finding out about famous women scientists. In our literacy we learnt that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon and all the children produced an information book full of interesting facts. Why not ask your child to tell you one! We’ve also been busy designing and making puppets. The children were amazing at sewing! Our P.E. lessons this half term have involved the children exploring the big apparatus that we have in school. They all made up a routine using jumps and balances and performed these to the class. We have also been fortunate in having two teaching students in Year 2 since January and the children are enjoying their lessons.

I think after all the hard work this half term , we are ready for a week off!

Year 2 have been thinking about keeping safe on the Internet and their digital footprint.

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We’ve been very busy in Year 2 (as always!) looking at Traditional Tales and specifically, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The the children re-wrote the story in their own words. We have been completing Literacy tasks that are helping build the children’s stamina in writing. They then impressed us in their next large writing task and showed this stamina when writing a story about a fat cat!

Amongst all our cracking writing we have been putting on our acting hats and practising the Nativity! The children have done an amazing job remembering their lines, places, acting and musical parts. They have made us very proud and it has been a great way to end the year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a lovely time over the festive period.

Miss Laycock and Mrs Whitehead

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Throughout this long term we have been very busy in Year 2!

In Literacy, we have been learning all the Year 2 skills needed including conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and noun phrases!  The children have been trying so hard to use their new Literacy skills in their writing and have shown great progress. After that, we moved onto our new Literacy unit, a non-fiction text ‘How to make a Pom Pom’.  The children are most excited about taking their Pom Pom home over the half term to continue making.

We have covered many new methods in Maths for both addition and subtraction.  All children have taken to these really well and show great confidence.

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Lady Catherine who travelled to us from over 800 years ago.  She kicked off our amazing History Day, bringing with her some intriguing objects.  The children had a great time investigating them, looking for clues, giving their ideas on what they could be and be used for.  A fantastic hands on day for all the children (and adults!)

Well done Year 2!