The SNAG/Eco Group helped the Friends of Nunroyd Park last week to put some supports in for the trees the School Council planted before Christmas.  They also helped with litter picking around the park.

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The SNAG/Eco Group have been planting seeds in the polytunnel, ready for their entry for the Great Yorkshire Show vegetable box competition.



Our school's commitment to climate-friendly healthy eating has been recognised with the Silver Food for Life award.  Read the full article in the Telegraph and Argus.

Wednesday 21st November was the Food For Life National Roast Dinner Day.  The children were joined by our volunteers and residents and carers from a local nursing home for a traditional Roast Beef dinner.

As part of Food For Life Week Farmers Richard and Kate from the Yorkshire Agricultural Society did an assembly with the children about sheep farming through the year and passed around wool for the children to feel.


Today the Eco/SNAG Group visited None Go Bye Farm.  The children enjoyed feeding the animals and learning about where different foods come from.

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The SNAG and Eco Group baked healthy breadsticks to sell at the PSA Summer Fair.  They raised £24.  Well done!



The SNAG and Eco Group have been growing different varieties of radish which they picked and washed ready to be used in the salads at lunchtime.


We are very proud of achieving the Woodland Trust Green Tree School Gold Award.