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Hi Everyone,

Christmas is almost upon us! 

Another busy half term- I think both pupils and staff are ready for a break! Everyone seems really settled this half term.  It was lovely to see Reception, Y1 and Y2 coming together for the Christmas nativity which is always a special time in school. I would like to thank all the staff involved in the nativity for their hard work. Getting 180 children to perform at the right time is never easy! It was a shame that we didn’t make it to the church due to the weather but the staff and the children did an excellent last minute job in the hall retelling the Christmas Story.

We have had lots of other exciting events this half term. We held our Autumn Term Parents’ Consultations. Thank you to everyone who came as we believe that we are working in partnership with you. If you missed the consultations and your child’s class teacher has not managed to catch up with you, please phone in the January to make an appointment.

We have also welcomed parents to our open mornings and afternoons. The children love showing off their work and we hope you find it useful and enjoyable too. School Council did an excellent job of showing prospective reception parents around during our open days.  A number of governors have been in to visit their link classes this half term and explain their role in school to the children.

Children enjoyed activities during Anti-Bullying Week and we held a very successful Food For Life week. Our school business manager, Mrs Middleton, did an excellent job of arranging guest speakers and of course the very successful Christmas Fair! Thank you everyone for coming and spending all your money on a very good cause! We were very pleased to get a visit from the Lord Mayor who wanted to learn more about our food in school. Dinners are of special interest to her.

Thank you to PSA for paying for a last minute production of Cinderella which the children really enjoyed. Some of the children also had the opportunity to take part in the unveiling of the local Memorial Garden in Nunroyd Park and have also visited a local care home for the elderly.

Staff have been doing some inter school work through the Trust and we have had a few parents come to Parent Voice.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. I will see you all on Thursday 4th January at 8.55am.

Ms Lowry >

Hi Everyone,

The end of another school year is here already! Again it’s been a busy one! Nursery and Reception have had the opportunity to practise using balance bikes, Reception have been to St Leonard’s Farm, Y1 to Rodley and Y2 to the Grand Mosque. The children love our school trips and get so much out of them. They ask thoughtful questions and learn so much. They really do love learning, whether it’s in the classroom or outside!

Josh won the Leeds in Bloom competition and we are very proud of him. The school prize also means that we can continue to plant some colour in the flower beds for the next few years-thank you Josh!

Sports Day was a resounding success and thank you to all the parents who came along to support the children. The SNAG and Eco- Council have been saving the planet and School Council have also continued to work hard. I hope all the children are looking forward to the local library reading challenge this summer after the special assembly last week.

We have welcomed the parents of our new nursery and Reception children and we are really looking forward to getting to know them over the next few years! The new Reception children have been to story time this half term and the rest of the school have also spent time with their new teachers in preparation for September. We will also welcome some new members of staff in September. Miss Worton and Miss Leonard will be joining us in Y1 and Mrs Askham and Mrs Bodkin-Morton will be joining the lunchtime team.

We are getting to know our new children but we are also saying goodbye to children and staff. Y2 have entertained us with an amazing leavers’ assembly and although we will miss them, they are more than ready for Y3! Mrs Jennings and Mrs Chadwick will be taking a well-earned rest when they retire on Friday and Miss Holmes is off on maternity leave [with probably not much resting!]. We would like to thank Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Jennings for all their years of hard work and commitment and we wish them every success in this new chapter of their lives. We look forward to seeing Miss Holmes back next year.

Thank you for all your kind words and gifts and I wish you all a sunshine filled summer break. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th September.

Another half term has flown by and it would appear that summer is finally here-I hope that I haven’t spoken too soon! As usual school has been busy, busy, busy! Nursery children have been learning to ride balance bikes and Y1 Red treated us to a fabulous class assembly. Y2 have been doing some special work this month and we have all been impressed by their grown up attitude. They have really shown us what they know-which we are pleased to say is a lot! Some Y2 children have also had the opportunity to take part in a tag rugby festival at the John Charles Centre and others took part in a football tournament at Rawdon Littlemoor. Reverend Richard has been in to deliver one of his super assemblies.

Last week Y1 and Y2 visited the Countryside Live day at the Ledston Estate. This was as part of our Food For Life work-we are still working towards our silver award. Despite the weather the children [and adults] had a fantastic day seeing lots of different animals as well as making amazing dens. Thank you to the parent helpers who came along.

Have a great half term and we will see you all on Monday 5th June at 8.55 a.m.

Ms Lowry

Hi Everyone,

British Summer Time is finally here- let’s hope that mean lots of sun and no more wet playtimes! As usual it has been a busy half term: Y2 are gearing up for SATs; Y1 are developing their core skills; Reception are engaged in their learning and Nursery are really enjoying their movement play area.

We have been TV stars this term. As part of World Book Day, Made in Leeds TV filmed the children taking part in Drama in Pyjamas and learning about Birds of Prey [with real birds]! It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Thank you for your donations to Big Yellow Friday and Red Nose Day as well as the PSA led Spring Bounce- a highlight of the year for many children! A big thank you to all the PSA. As I have said before their fundraising is vital to school-standing out on the playground for three hours watching children bounce really does show commitment!

We have had Y1 parents in for dinner with lots of positive feedback. We have also been hosting the Groove Generation project which involves schools in the area working with professional musicians. We have seen some children blossom through their involvement in this work which has been amazing. The children performed for their parents on Tuesday afternoon. Well done to all of them and to Mrs Shaw who has been our representative. Other inter school work has involved senior leaders working with those from other schools as part of the Aireborough Learning partnership Trust.

Last week saw British Science Week in school. You may have noticed a life size blue whale swimming across the playground! The children did some phenomenal learning last week and impressed all the staff with their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. Have a lovely Easter Break and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 18th April at 8:55am.

Ms Lowry

Hi Everyone,

The days are getting longer and Christmas seems but a distant memory! Another jam packed half term has flown by. The children are really into the swing of their learning and some great work is being produced across the school. When I am out and about I see children engaged in their learning and happy to be in school.

Hopefully some of you have managed to join us on our open mornings and afternoons so you can see for yourself the progress your child is making. The children really enjoy these visits.

Y1 have been on a trip to the local church to support their RE work in school and the SNAG [School Nutrition Action Group] have been on a visit to None-Go-Bye farm. This is part of our Food For Life work. We feel that is really important that the children are aware of where their food comes from.

Staff have been involved in inter school work looking at teaching and learning as part of Aireborough Learning partnership. We have been working with Queensway, Rawdon Littlemoor and Rawdon St Peter’s this half term.

We rounded off the half term with E Safety Week and an amazing assembly from Year 1 Blue. I almost forgot to mention our visit from the Brownlee brothers! It was an amazing morning; the children [and staff] were so excited by the whole thing. It was lovely to be recognised for our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the break and see you all on Monday 20th February.

Ms Lowry

Hi Everyone,

My goodness, here we are at the end of another busy term [so busy in fact that I forgot to write my half term blog in October]!

We have had a super start to the school year. The new children in School [Reception and Nursey as well as a few in other year groups] have settled really well and are a joy to be around. They seem like they have been here for ever and I always see them actively engaged in whatever they are doing. Everyone in school is working hard, staff and children. Last week saw some excellent Christmas performances. Thank you to everyone who came to watch. I hope it got you into the Christmas spirit!

We were also excited to have the Mighty Zulu Nation in school which was a fantastic way to start a Monday morning! The children in Y2 have also been lucky enough to have had dance sessions with a dancer from Leeds Rhinos-everyone enjoyed that. We had a lovely Harvest Festival and parents have been in and around school contributing to Parent Voice, attending open mornings and afternoons and supporting our Food For Life Christmas Fair. Other visitors in school have been Reverend Richard and Bible Team as well as a lost alien!

We also welcomed new members of staff: Miss Laycock in Y1, Mrs Wood our new site superintendent, Miss Atkinson our new cleaner and lunchtime assistant and Miss Sanctuary our new lunchtime assistant.

Have a lovely Christmas and see you all in the new year.

Best Wishes

Ms Lowry

Hi Everyone,

Well, here we are at the end of another successful year-another year older and hopefully wiser! It has been a busy half term and we are all looking forward to our holidays. This half term everyone celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday the Westfield Way. We have had two theatre performances in school; the BFG and the Puppet Show, both of which were well received by the children. Reception had their farm trip and Y1 went off to the Rodley Nature Reserve. The Arla Roadshow arrived and the children found out an amazing amount about where their food comes from. Parents came for dinner and we even had bears come to school! Sports Day finally took place on a rather hot day and there was some fierce competition. Well done Sweden! We even found time to appoint a new teacher. Miss Kerry Laycock will be joining us in September in Y1.

The children have been amazing and we really are going to miss Y2. Their leavers’ assembly was very emotional and the singing had everyone in tears as it was so poignant. Y2 are more than ready to move on to Y3 and we wish them every success. We look forward to them visiting from time to time to let us know how they are getting on. We are not only losing Y2 to pastures new but also Mrs Dunsire who has been with us for 18 years. We wish her the very best and thank her for all her years of service.

Have a lovely break everyone and thank you for all your support this year. We will see you on Tuesday 6th September ready to do it all again!

Ms Lowry

Hello Everyone,

I think the weather has improved since the last time I wrote-fingers crossed that Summer is on its way! I would like to start by saying thank you to all the parents who volunteer in school whether it’s on trips or coming into school on a regular basis. We would not be able to carry out many of the activities so we really do appreciate your support. If you would like to find out more about volunteering then please do get in touch.

The children have been working hard this term but I would like to specifically mention Y2. They have had a fantastic attitude to their SATs work. They have all shown confidence and demonstrated their growth mind set. They gave everything a go and definitely did their very best. Mrs Shaw and Mrs Whitehead are very proud of them as I’m sure you are-they certainly deserve their break at half term. On Thursday Y2 were also entertained by the dancing sheep on their school trip. Mrs Whitehead said that it was the best trip ever [but she says that a lot]!

Nursery, Reception and Y1 have also been working hard. Nursery children were showing me their phonics work and I saw them doing some great writing, trying to form their letters perfectly. Reception are demonstrating fantastic independent learning and Y1 have been telling me all about growing plants and prepositions.

We have finished the term with Healthy Living Week. We have started along the Road to Rio and Reception have had great fun with the balance bikes.

Have a lovely half term break and I will see you all on Monday 6th June.

Ms Lowry

Hi Everyone,

Another busy half term has flown by! We have had a visit from Ofsted and it was pleasing that the hard work of the children and the staff was recognised as well as the important role that parents play in making sure our children reach for the stars! Thank you again to all those parents who took the time to take part in the Parent View survey for Ofsted. It is great to hear that you support and encourage our work in school.

It has been lovely to welcome Y1 parents for lunch; the children really do enjoy you being there. We are pleased that the poet, Paul Cookson was back with us this year and was as popular as ever. His workshops and assembly were a perfect start to Book Week and it was lovely to hear from parents how much the children enjoy reading his poems. We have had two great assemblies from Y1 and everyone is looking forward to seeing Reception's assembly this morning. The Y1 trip to Skipton Castle may have been cold but it was a great success. I think the guides at the castle are concerned that our children will take their jobs as they know so much! Everyone enjoyed British Science week and there were some great experiments on behalf of Tim Peake and his fellow astronauts!

Thanks again to PSA for organising the Sponsored Bounce-it is fast becoming a highlight of the school year. We also managed to fit in Big Yellow Friday and install a new ball catcher on the playground-as well as doing some high quality learning!

Have a lovely break and we will see you all on Monday 18th April.

Ms Lowry