Hello Everyone,

I think the weather has improved since the last time I wrote-fingers crossed that Summer is on its way! I would like to start by saying thank you to all the parents who volunteer in school whether it’s on trips or coming into school on a regular basis. We would not be able to carry out many of the activities so we really do appreciate your support. If you would like to find out more about volunteering then please do get in touch.

The children have been working hard this term but I would like to specifically mention Y2. They have had a fantastic attitude to their SATs work. They have all shown confidence and demonstrated their growth mind set. They gave everything a go and definitely did their very best. Mrs Shaw and Mrs Whitehead are very proud of them as I’m sure you are-they certainly deserve their break at half term. On Thursday Y2 were also entertained by the dancing sheep on their school trip. Mrs Whitehead said that it was the best trip ever [but she says that a lot]!

Nursery, Reception and Y1 have also been working hard. Nursery children were showing me their phonics work and I saw them doing some great writing, trying to form their letters perfectly. Reception are demonstrating fantastic independent learning and Y1 have been telling me all about growing plants and prepositions.

We have finished the term with Healthy Living Week. We have started along the Road to Rio and Reception have had great fun with the balance bikes.

Have a lovely half term break and I will see you all on Monday 6th June.

Ms Lowry