Hi Everyone,

The days are getting longer and Christmas seems but a distant memory! Another jam packed half term has flown by. The children are really into the swing of their learning and some great work is being produced across the school. When I am out and about I see children engaged in their learning and happy to be in school.

Hopefully some of you have managed to join us on our open mornings and afternoons so you can see for yourself the progress your child is making. The children really enjoy these visits.

Y1 have been on a trip to the local church to support their RE work in school and the SNAG [School Nutrition Action Group] have been on a visit to None-Go-Bye farm. This is part of our Food For Life work. We feel that is really important that the children are aware of where their food comes from.

Staff have been involved in inter school work looking at teaching and learning as part of Aireborough Learning partnership. We have been working with Queensway, Rawdon Littlemoor and Rawdon St Peter’s this half term.

We rounded off the half term with E Safety Week and an amazing assembly from Year 1 Blue. I almost forgot to mention our visit from the Brownlee brothers! It was an amazing morning; the children [and staff] were so excited by the whole thing. It was lovely to be recognised for our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the break and see you all on Monday 20th February.

Ms Lowry