Welcome to Nursery

We offer 15 hour places are grouped in to the following sessions:-
Every morning 9am-12
Every afternoon 12-3pm
All day Monday and Tuesday (9am-3pm) and Wednesday 9am-12
Wednesday 12-3pm then all day Thursday and Friday (9am-3pm)

If you are eligible for 30 free hours/week you would need to provide us with a code from the government website .
If your child was born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016 and you would like to register for them to start our nursery in September 2019, please complete the registration form and email to our School Business Manager sbm@westfieldinfants.co.uk

Miss Holmes is the teacher in Nursery. Mrs Keane, Mrs Kavangh and Mrs Hewitt are the teaching assistants.

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This half term has seen the children settle into Nursery school. The children have learnt how to be resilient and settle themselves in a morning. They have also become independent and access the activities in the provision areas when coming into school and throughout their day at Nursery.

The children have spent a lot of focus on forming new friendships with children and adults. They have and will continue to learn and respect each other’s boundaries, turn taking and sharing. They have also had to learn new rules and routines. 

Health care-has been a big focus this term with all children now using the toilets, some with support and learning to put on and fasten coats, the children are working very hard to achieve this to the best of their ability.

In phonics the children have been looking at Phase 1 and have spent lots of time listening to musical instruments

We have been able to spend lots of time outside on the new Astroturf. It’s great to be outside in all weathers.  We have had fun rolling down the hill, crawling, climbing and using the movement play equipment to develop our gross motor skills. Water, chalking and painting on a large scale has also helped to develop these skills. We have also learnt lots of new action songs.

We have also been busy inside with our funky fingers, DT, maths and literacy areas which have a different theme each week. These areas help to develop our fine motor skills. 

In Nursery we enjoy sharing and listening to books in our reading area and building in the construction. 

One of the areas we love the most is the home –corner area and we really enjoyed making our breadsticks.

All the children in Nursery have had an incredible start to their school life and have worked immensely hard. We look forward to seeing you all after the half term with lots more action packed fun and learning.