In physical education children take part in a wide variety of activities. They learn that being active is fun and that it is important to lead an active lifestyle. At the beginning of their school life children learn and explore basic movement skills, they develop these skills throughout their time at Yeadon Westfield Infants and leave as a confident mover.

At Foundation Stage and Key Stage one children experience dance, games, multi-skills, athletics and gymnastics. In gymnastics children use the large apparatus which enables them to develop their gross motor skills (climbing, jumping, balance etc). We play a wide variety of team games and during fine weather we take advantage of our school field for outdoor activities of many kinds. Lessons involving the use of small apparatus (bats, balls, skipping ropes etc) develop the children's fine motor skills, such as catching, throwing and hand/eye co-ordination. During the summer the children do athletics on the school field and learn the fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing events. Within Foundation stage they have provision all year round to an outdoor physical area.

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding (Sport Premium) for physical education (PE), sport and physical activity to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision at school, for two years. We are using the Sport Premium to improve the quality of PE and Sport provision in the following ways:

Total number of pupils on roll 2015-16: 230

Total amount of PE and Sport Funding 2015-16 - £8,591

What impact have we have seen on pupils’ PE and Sport participation, attainment and development of healthy lifestyles.

Activity, Investment and Impact

Teacher Professional Development 2015/16

  • The school’s PE Co-ordinator has management time to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives in PE and School Sport.
  • The PE Co-ordinator implemented findings from research into areas the children were not as competent and made provision available in school, such as a shooting net in the playground, as throwing and catching was an area highlighted to develop
  • Teachers offer a wide range of physical activities now at golden time on a Friday afternoon
  • Active schools membership, enabling PE-coordinator to keep up to date with CPD and filter to staff
  • Trust subject leader meetings
  • Arranging inter school sporting events
  • Cheerleading coach to team teach and up-skill staff in gymnastics.
  • Membership costs- we have moved from a bronze to a silver Youth Sports Trust quality mark, in the last year.

All CPD costs included in membership of, Youth Sports Trust & Real PE scheme.

Learning Enhancement 2015/16

  • The purchase of sports day medals to promote the day and celebrate success
  • Maintain and repairing gymnastics equipment
  • Playground markings to encourage active play
  • Up keep of resources
  • Purchase of school kits for children participating in school sports
  • Transport costs, so children can attend off-site activities

Lunchtime supervisor and other staff 2015/2016

  • Planned and led active games at lunchtimes, thereby boosting numbers of children involved in regular activity. A variety of activities, including a skipping challenge, football, free play on the trail and shooting in the new net have been particularly popular, alongside the new throwing and catching resources.

Interschool Collaboration 2015/16

Children have actively taken part in....

    Big Dance/Sing at Millennium square
    Multi-skills participation event • Year 2 athletics • Cross country • Participation festival

Planned Financial Statement Academic Year 2016/17

Income approx £8,000
Please see below breakdown of planned expenditure

Planned Teacher Professional Development 2016/17

  • All teachers have access to high quality CPD for increased skills, knowledge, and understanding of the fundamental skills
  • All teachers observed by the PE coordinator in relation to the scheme of work, with strengths celebrated and areas for further development identified
  • Head teacher and PE coordinator to attend Youth Sports Trust conference
  • Refresher day for Real PE scheme
  • Moving towards gold quality mark All CPD costs included in membership of, Youth Sports Trust & Real PE scheme.

All CPD costs included in membership of, Youth Sports Trust & Real PE scheme. 

Planned Learning Enhancement 2016/17

  • Use of professional coaches to inspire each term's learning
  • Purchase of new resources to expand curriculum
  • Termly inter-school competitions for all children
  • Cost of transport cover for events
  • 100% of teachers report confidence in their ability to teach high quality PE and can explain the impact that this has had on their children’s engagement in physical activity
  • The school takes part in 100% of the opportunities afforded by the local learning community, and continues its current form of regular success in competitive events
  • Organise a questionnaire for all children in the early Autumn term to determine appropriate extra-curricular provision

 Planned Interschool Collaboration 2016/17

  • Road to Rio workshopBalance bike workshop
  • Tag rugby festival
  • Tri-golf festival
  • Aireborough Cluster/ Active School Leeds Membership/ YST membership
  • Cross country
  • Tennis
  • Multi-skills
  • Participation festival at South Leeds stadium
  • Wake Up Shake up festival
  • Rugby World Cup day
  • Athletics Festival in cluster and Leeds schools

Sports Week

A Sports Week will be carried out to coincide with Sports Day, where the children will focus on the range of sports and activities that are available to them and the impact of an active lifestyle on overall health and wellbeing.

The improvements made by the PE and Sports’ Premium funding would not all be able to be sustained if the money was discontinued. The new PE scheme and resources would however continue to be used. The scheme has been well embedded into the PE curriculum and staff are confident and capable using it. Participation in sports events across the city would come to an end as transport costs wouldn’t be covered. Hopefully sports events in the cluster could continue as staff within the cluster have established a partnership: again this depends on transport. The use of sports coaches would also only be used if they were free, therefore not upskilling staff in specific areas. The updating and upkeep of resources would be kept to a minimum and reliant on Sainsbury’s vouchers.