Welcome to Reception Class

This Year the Reception class teachers are Mrs Sharp in Red Class and Mrs Shaw in Blue Class.  Working along side them are Mrs Middleton and Ms Davis and Ms Kavanagh.  If you would like to help in our unit, please come and chat to us about the possibilities- help is always greatly appreciated- and is very enjoyable too!!

The children will have PE on Monday and Wednesday.  Please make sure all clothing and PE kits are clearly named.  Please include long sleeved top/jog pants & trainers now as some PE may be outside, weather permitting!

Returning Library Books
Red class - Please return by Monday
Blue class - Please return by Monday

Reading Book Bags
Please return by Wednesday

This half term the weather has got colder but this hasn’t stopped Reception enjoying our outdoor area. The children are using the outdoor space incredibly well and are developing their physical, imaginative, speaking, listening and social skills whilst they play.

Children have been working hard on developing their fine motor skills. They have been busy building models in the DT area, using tweezers to pick up small objects and threading using beads and pipe cleaners. Furthermore, the children have been working extremely hard using a pencil. Cursive letter formation is being taught and children are encouraged to write in all areas of the classroom. Handwriting; using shaving foam, sand, play dough and glass beads has been enjoyed by the whole class and will continue through the spring term. The children are growing in confidence when writing simple words and sentences and are working hard on segmenting a word in order to spell.

Children are now reading on a daily basis. They are developing their blending skills in order to read simple words and sentences. Reading books will continue to be sent out. Please return your child’s reading book as soon as you have read it at home with your child and we can send the next book out. Thank you for your continued support.

In maths, we have now looked at all the numbers from one to ten. The children have really enjoyed exploring numbers practically, using musical instruments and exploring and finding different ways to make a number using Numicon I.e 6+3+1=10. The children are developing their 1:1 counting skills and continued support at home would be much appreciated.

We have had two fantastic student teachers work in reception this half term. The children developed super relationships with them and will be sad to see them go now their placement is over. We wish them the best of luck in their teaching careers.

We are introducing a new way to communicate with parents/carers in January, this is called ‘Parent Share’. It is an online system and enables us to share observations with you. In addition, you can send photos and video observations of your child to us and this will enable us to achieve a well rounded picture of each individual child. Star moments will still be another way to share achievements.

Children have made super progress this half term. We look forward to helping them grow and develop in Spring term.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The children had lots of fun at Abbey House Museum this week.  They took part in a Nursery Rhyme workshop and looked around the museum.  After lunch the went to the Abbey ruins and the park.  Thanks to all the parents who helped out.

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This half term has seen the children settle into school life incredibly well. It has been a joy to watch new friendships form and the children develop independence.

New rules and routines have been established and the children are working hard every day to follow these to the best of their ability.

The children are working hard on speaking in clear sentences and listening to others when adults or children are speaking. We have learnt lots of new, interesting and amazing things about our reception class already.

The class have been busy learning new sounds in phonics and are trying hard to sound out words and blend them together in order to read. We will continue to learn new letter sounds next half term too. 

We are having lots of fun developing our gross motor skills. Climbing, crawling, using chalk outside, ‘painting’ large areas with water and much more. We are also busy developing our fine motor control by using Lego, being creative in the DT area, using scissors, investigating ‘funky fingers’ activities and having dough discos on the carpet with play dough! All these activities (and many more) will help your child develop strength in their fingers and will help them to gain more pencil control.

In maths we have been learning all about a number each week. So far we have learnt all about 1, 2, 3 and 4. Within these number sessions we have looked at 2D shapes, objects that have 1,2,3,4 things, we have been counting lots of things in the classroom (saying each number as we count each object) and we have also introduced addition. The children have been using Numicon to make numbers in different ways, I.e. 1+1+1+1=4, 3+1=4, 2+2=4 and 2+1+1=4

Well done reception for a successful first half term. We look forward to seeing you all after a week off and starting a new half term of learning and fun... including a trip to Abbey House Museum!