Key area: Outcomes

  • Raise pupil outcomes across the school from nursery to Y2.
  • More children to be working at and above age related expectations.
  • Consider the use of challenge across the school.
  • Develop the use of movement play across Early Years

Key Area: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Develop use of new tracking systems.
  • Develop opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • Ensure assessment is accurate.
  • Use classroom based research to raise standards.

Key area: Personal Development and Welfare

  • Improve school attendance and punctuality.
  • Achieve Food for Life Silver Award.
  • Develop children’s awareness and use of key learning skills.

Key area: Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • Develop inter school collaboration at a senior level.
  • Develop the role of the subject leaders with regard to whole school training.
  • Continue to raise the profile of the governors.
  Worked well 2015/2016 To consider 2016/2017
  • Teams/team meetings
  • Ofsted
  • Behaviour
  • Training
  • Arts days
  • Students
  • Extra PE activities/use of outdoor area
  • Small group work
  • Subject leader meetings
  • Parent dinners
  • Routines
  • Clubs
  • Open am/pm
  • Pupil progress meetings
  • Safeguarding
  • Nurture
  • Enthusiasm
  • Time
  • Staff shortages
  • Writing in early years
  • Transition information
  • Handover time
  • Parent guests-more spread out
  • SpLT consistency
  • Support for FFL
  • Workload
  • Flexibility of staff
  • Regular nurture/SpLT groups
  • Faster internet
  • Ofsted preparation and outcome
  • Children’s progress and new curriculum/SATs
  • Quality of teaching and experiential learning
  • Budget management
  • Raising profile of governors
  • Parent Voice
  • Focus on Behaviour and safeguarding
  • Keeping momentum post Ofsted
  • Harness benefits of the Trust
  • Continue to focus on physical and outdoor learning
  • Budget demands
  • School environment
  • British values
  • Governor profile
  • Homework
  • Amount of activities
  • Communication
  • Children happy and safe
  • Learning
  • Parents’ Evening
  • Nursery open pm
  • Finishing times
  • Dates well in advance of activities


Areas that are not working well are being addressed through school development plan and on going work.


  • number of children achieving a Good Level of Development at the end of Reception has increased
  • number of children working at expected or above age related expectations at the end of KS1 has increased
  • phonics is slightly down

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • use of assessment being developed and refined
  • outdoor learning more prevalent and resources are being gathered
  • moderation of assessment taking place
  • research projects completed and validated by the university

Personal Development and Welfare

  • importance of punctuality and attendance raised with parents
  • number of lates decreasing
  • Food For Life : farm links being developed
  • children more aware of what they need to do to be better learners

Leadership and Management

  • inter-school work embedding across the Aireborough Trust
  • subject leaders have more ownership of development in subject areas
  • profile of governors rising

Attainment 2017

Early Years Good Level of Development  
All  80% 
Boys 79% 
Girls 80%  
Children eligible for Pupil Premium 57%
Year 1 Phonics  
All  87% 
Boys 88% 
Girls 85%  
Children eligible for Pupil Premium 75%
Keystage 1 (Year 2)    
All At age related expectations Above age related expectations
Reading 92% 50%
Writing  87%  12%  
Maths  93%  33%
Boys At age related expectations Above age related expectations
Reading 94% 59%
Writing  91%  12%  
Maths  94%  47%
Girls At age related expectations Above age related expectations
Reading 88% 38%
Writing  81%  12%  
Maths  92%  19%
Children eligible for Pupil Premium At age related expectations Above age related expectations
Reading 100% 60%
Writing  87%  7%  
Maths  100%  33%

Key areas to consider for 2017-2018

  • preparation for GDPR [new data protection act 2018]
  • develop inter
  • school work [themes more focused across schools] across Aireborough Learning Partnership
  • continued focus on achievement for all children in particular those eligible for pupil premium funding
  • looking at writing across the school especially challenging the more able
  • parental engagement
  • curriculum redesign
  • high quality interactions[Early Years]
  • Food For Life
  • School based research into the school gender gap in maths
  • moderation and assessment [in-house and across the Trust] eg further development of pupil progress meetings -staff training