We had the Arla Roadshow for two days. They taught us all about cows in a big pop up classroom in the car park. They had a 3G surface that you could play football on but we didn’t do that!

We learned that cows have four stomachs and they eat a lot of grass. The people at Arla squeeze the udders to get the milk that we drink. They also turn some of the milk into cheese. We tested three different types of milk-red, blue and green. We liked the green one best which is semi-skimmed milk. We really liked the roadshow and learned lots of interesting facts.

Alex Mulley and Finlay Walker

We had a man come into school and pretend that he was the BFG. He had quite a few props: a giant, a book, a little girl called Sophie and a bottle that made trumps noises. He told us the story of the BFG. It was funny especially when he was trumping but some people thought it was very rude because he didn’t say, “Pardon me!” He had some bottles full of dreams but one was bad. He didn’t like the bad dreams. He used a trumpet to blow the dreams into the houses but he didn’t blow the bad dream to keep everyone safe.

Bethany Naylor and Charlotte Wilson

On Friday 10th June we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. We pretended Maie was the Queen and some people were soldiers and her family. The Queen and her family walked up and down the hall with everyone cheering and waving flags. At lunchtime we had a special birthday picnic for the Queen. We learned all about the Queen. Did you know that she has five corgi dogs and nine thrones?

Maddison Machell and Madison Meerun

On Monday afternoon we had Sports Day. It was a hot day so everyone needed sun cream, drinks and hats. We were in teams: Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Great Britain, USA, New Zealand and China.

There were different races: bouncy hopper, skipping, hoops, bean bag throw, egg and spoon and sack race. We also had mummies’ and daddies’ egg and spoon and the teachers’ race.

Everyone had a great day and Sweden won. At the end everyone was very, very sweaty!

Olivia Barker and Chloe Henshaw

Every year we support Bring a Bear day. We have fish and chips and bring our bears. Last year in assembly the bears did not shine so this year they weren’t allowed into assembly and they had to do some work! The bears tried their best to shine in the playground but they were still a little bit naughty. Some people brought noisy bears who wouldn’t keep quiet and the teachers got cross! Next year they need to be even better at shining.

Kaitlen Sobieralski-Kirkbright and Jake Stanhope

Today we did our assembly all about the Westfield child. Some parents cried but all our parents laughed. We marched for the Queen and we did football for the Euros. We saw dinosaurs and met Tim Peake. We found our manners, respect, team work, bravery and inspiration meeting all the different people. We finished by singing, ‘When we grow up’ which we sing every Monday.
Kyle Edwards and Jack Nicholls