Welcome to Year 1

Miss Worton Smith is the Red class teacher and Mrs Nolan teaches the Blue class.  Mrs Lupton, Mrs Shabir and Mrs Gilligan are Year 1 teaching assistants.

PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please make sure all clothing and PE kits are clearly named.  Please include long sleeved top/jog pants & trainers now as some PE may be outside, weather permitting!

Returning Library Books
We will start sending Library Books home soon.

Reading Book Bags
Please make sure book bags are in school on Mondays and Fridays.

In spite of it being a funny old term with all those four day weeks, Year 1 have worked extremely hard and have made masses of progress. We hope those of you who managed to come in to see the work this week will have been impressed!

In English, the children have been working on non-fiction reading and writing, the focus points this time being recounts and instructions. We are seeing big steps forward in stamina for writing and in understanding of key skills such as punctuation. Running alongside all of this is our preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, with the children fast becoming experts in decoding, problem solving and explaining about the correct terminology such as digraph, trigraph and quadgraph! Thank you to all who had time to come in to watch our phonics lessons earlier in the term. You seemed to be amazed at the high level of learning in the classrooms!

In maths we have been continuing with our ongoing progress in all calculations including multiplication and division. A big focus has been on telling the time, with children in Year 1 being expected to be able to read o’clock and half past time and to draw the hands accurately on clock faces to show these times. In this last week we have been working on the fractions half and quarter. The children should be able to show you how to write the fractions ½ and ¼ and to explain when things are divided fairly into half or quarter. Check them out on some pizza!

In our science we have been learning about the growth and structure of plants. We have germinated nasturtium seeds and cress seeds and carried out investigations on them. We have been on a tree identification hunt in the playground and collected data on the most and least common colour of flowers. We have also been learning how to improve our drawing skills of flowers, trees and other natural objects.

Although we have had a couple of fantastic PE lessons on the big equipment in the hall, most of our PE has taken place outdoors with a big focus on running and athletics. The children have been practising sprinting on the playground and distance running on the field, building up their stamina and strength and developing a fluid and comfortable running style. Last week we were learning how to throw a beanbag to hit a target accurately, and this week our emphasis is on hurdles. When we watch the children having fun on the trail we can really see how far they have come with their core body strength in the last year!

So, here we are with only one more half term before the next big step into Year 2. What will we have achieved by the end of July?

The children have had another fantastic half term.

This half term we have been working on the story The Enormous Turnip. Year 1 Red have been working on their acting and singing skills and showed off their talent in their assembly. Year 1 Blue have been working on the same story but have adapted it write their own versions. We have had colossal carrots and giant beetroots! This half term we have also had our visit to St John’s church. Reverend Richard taught us all what happens in church and we enjoyed looking round. Ask your children about pews, organs and lecterns! Thank you very much for the parent/carer volunteers - we appreciate your support.

This half term we also had our fantastic science week. All week the children carried out experiments and investigations inspired by the book The Street Beneath our feet. We made clay tunnels, tested how many drops of water pennies held, made water resistant dens and much more. The children developed their scientific enquiry, data collection and prediction skills. They were very proud to display their work in the museum at the end of the week. Thank you again to all those who attended.

In PE this half term Year 1 have been working on rugby and multi-skills. We have worked hard on learning how to hold a rugby ball, travelling with a ball and agility skills. We have learnt these skills through team games and the children have really enjoyed it so far!

Thank you for your support this half term! May next half term be filled with as many great things as this one!

Love from,
Year 1

The children have had a fantastic half term!

This half term Year 1 Blue had their class assembly. The assembly was absolutely fantastic and the children did the school proud. They worked very hard on their rehearsals, improving their acting, singing and instrumental skills, and their hard work definitely paid off! At the end of January we had a visit from four amazing owls and their handler from SMJ Falconry in Oxenhope. These ranged from an enormous African Eagle Owl down through the size range of Barn Owl and Little Owl to a tiny Tropical Screech Owl called Bubbles. The children behaved beautifully on this special day and learnt lots of new facts, including why they could not stroke the owls’ feathers!

This half term we have also had our ‘Safer Internet’ week. During this week we were learning how to be ‘Clever Clickers’. Year 1 really enjoyed learning how to be safe on the Internet. We created our own avatars and practised typing our names using the keyboards. We have also done lots of other computing this half term! We developed our computing skills by practising using BeeBots and writing programs. We also learnt key computing terms (debug, algorithm, repetition and so on)! To finish this module of computing, the children designed and created a maze for the Beebot to travel around. We were absolutely thrilled with the end product and the children were very excited to see the result of their hard work. We have just begun our history work on trains and this will be developed more next half term. We are looking forward to our walk down the Greenway. We will be discussing the old railway, developing our historical enquiry skills and even doing some mapping!

Thank you to all the parents that came to our open maths lessons. The children really enjoyed sharing their love of maths with you and we hope it was insightful for you too.

Love from,

Year 1

During E-Safety week the children in Year 1 have been progrmming Beebots to navigate through a maze.


Yesterday the Year 1 children had a visit from SMJ Falconary.  

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The children have continued to work hard this last half term, in spite of battling all the bugs this term has thrown our way! They have made massive progress in their reading, writing and maths, which you will have seen in their books during our parent consultations and open sessions. Their confidence and enthusiasm is fantastic. In science, the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about classifying animals by what they eat into the groups; carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, and they have loved reading and writing about the natural world in our English lessons. We are now well under way with teaching computer science, and the children are learning all about programming, algorithms and debugging using our Beebot robots. On 5th December we had a Hanukkah culture day in which we learned about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The children not only covered the RE aspects of this, but learned about the historical context and the geographical location of the original event. They worked collaboratively on collage art work, making representations of the Hanukkah menorah and impressing us with their teamwork and perseverance. Physical fitness levels have come on well, as we not only do our two full PE sessions a week covering basic skills, gymnastics, games and dance, but also complete a run every day. The children can now comfortably complete a half mile session at a fair pace, and do this several times during the week. Thanks for all the support you give the children at home with phonics homework, reading books and spellings. All your effort is very evident in the progress the children are making.

Year 1 have been working on 'working scientifically' skills and the key skills they were working on in this experiment were 'making a prediction' and 'observing closely'.

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The children have settled in brilliantly to Year 1 and have been working incredibly hard all term.  They will be ready for a well-earned rest!

We have concentrated on developing skills in reading, writing and maths in our first weeks in school, capitalising on the fantastic start the children made to their learning in Reception.  We are really pleased with their progress, and hope you agree now that many of you have seen their books!  So far in English, we have studied the traditional tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, which the children rewrote in their own words, and we have been learning about non-fiction writing through the topic of hedgehogs.  Alongside this, the children have been learning about punctuation, plurals, nouns and verbs as well as phonics.

In science, we have started learning about seasonal change, our senses and about animals.  We have used our senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the outdoor areas, including in the Year 1 sensory garden.  The children are becoming very knowledgeable about hedgehogs and are just starting to learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing their harvest songs for you recently.  Their singing was lovely and they were very quick to learn.

Last week we had a history day with a visit from the era of castles by a time traveller called Lady Catherine.  Our visitor brought lots of artefacts from the past with her and the children learnt all about historical enquiry skills by taking on the role of history detectives.  Alongside this, they started learning about timelines through sequencing their own history using the photos you sent in.  A huge timeline is slowly taking shape in the hall.