Welcome to Year 1

Miss Worton Smith is the Red class teacher and Mrs Nolan teaches the Blue class.  Mrs Bowles, Mrs Lupton and Miss Leonard are Year 1 teaching assistants.

PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Please make sure all clothing and PE kits are clearly named.  Please include long sleeved top/jog pants & trainers now as some PE may be outside, weather permitting!

Returning Library Books
We will start sending Library Books home soon.

Reading Book Bags
Please make sure book bags are in school on Mondays and Fridays.

Year 1 have been working hard all term making sure our English and maths skills are up to scratch for transition into Year 2.  The children worked their socks off to do well in the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in June, and their phonics skills and knowledge have really boosted their reading and writing.

It has been great to see the enthusiasm with which the children have approached their science this term, starting with their interest in the plight of sea creatures during World Environment Day.  From this we began to learn about the classification and features of reptiles (such as turtles) and moved on to a focus on insects.  The highlights from this have been our wonderful trip to Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve, where the education officers Andy and Emma wowed them with pond-dipping and air-netting, and the fantastic moments when we released our Painted Lady butterflies into the school gardens.  Andy and Emma were very complimentary about the children’s behaviour, focus, concentration and observation skills!



Since then we have been busy with Healthy Living fortnight, firstly with keeping fit and then with healthy eating.  The challenge was to cover every curriculum area, so we have done exactly that.  Not only did the children keep fit and learn about healthy eating and cooking, but they learnt about measuring in metres and have been challenging themselves to run a greater distance every PE lesson.  Some of them have got up to 1200m at the time of writing!  We have also learnt about keep-fit verbs and cooking verbs, put these skills into writing in the present and past tenses, and we have written recounts about our activities.

It has been a very busy term and a very busy year.  If the children are tired at the end of the day, it is because they don’t stop from the minute they come through the door until the minute they leave at 3pm!  They have come a long way, achieved a huge amount, and are ready for a well-deserved break!

Many thanks to all parents and carers for your support.


The children had an amazing trip to the RSPB Reserve at Fairburn Ings.

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Year 1 have had a very busy half term.  We have been concentrating very hard on our skills in English, learning about prefixes and suffixes, getting better at our handwriting and spelling, and learning when to use capital letters.  In maths we have become confident with our doubles, and we have worked with money and on telling the time to the hour and half past.

In science, we have been learning all about germination and the growth of plants.  We started by planting nasturtium seeds and then looked closely at the germination process by investigating what cress seeds need in order to germinate.  We then went bigger, watching bean seeds absorb water and then sprout.  Now we are starting to learn about how plants and insects need each other, and we are looking forward to our trip to Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve in June.  Check out our flower photos!


We are learning to be wildlife photographers and artists too!

The class has really enjoyed our PE sessions with coaches from 5Soccer and Leeds Rhinos.  We have learned some brilliant games and developed some great team tactics.  There was even a lot of maths involved as we had to work out the scores when a rugby ball was worth 1 point, and other objects were worth +3 or -3!

We have been getting pretty good at reading the Met Office weather forecast too, and have used the UK maps to learn about the countries and cities of the UK as well as using north, south, east and west to give directions.

Nearly ready for Year 2!


Year 1 Blue

Year 1 Blue have had a busy and exciting half term working on The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. They have learnt the story off by heart, and used it as the basis for writing and learning about adjectives, and as a starting point for beginning to measure length in maths. They have used The Gruffalo Cookbook to make toadstool pizzas and terrible tusks, and used all their art and DT skills to create some wonderful Gruffalo faces. The highlight has been learning how to put on a performance. We have worked on acting and singing skills, starting from the basics of how to use our voices, faces and whole bodies to create characters and effects, and we have had great fun putting on a show for all the parents and carers, and the rest of the school.

Not surprisingly, the children have really grown up this half term! They are more confident, they look taller and older, and they are now filling up the carpet space in our classroom!

Year 1 Red

This half term has been very busy in Year 1 Red! We have been learning about the weather and temperature change, computing and instructions, recount writing and suffixes.

We are becoming very confident with our geography skills and have enjoyed looking up Yeadon on the Met Office each day to discuss the weather, temperature and what clothing we might need for the week ahead!

The children have really grown this half term and they are now writing sentences using ‘and’ to join clauses, adjectives and suffixes. I am very proud!

The highlight has been our trip to church. We were so enthusiastic about the visit and it supplemented the R.E lessons on ‘What does it mean to belong to a church or mosque’ perfectly. We were able to see the features of the church that we had previously discussed such as the font, pews and lectern. The children were so grown up, respectful and engaged in all aspects of the trip. Well done!