Welcome to Year 2

Miss Laycock the red class teacher and Mrs Whitehead is the blue class teacher.  Mrs Gilligan and Mrs Southam are the Year 2 teaching assistants.

PE will be on Thursday and Friday mornings.  Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school.


SATS take place throughout May and June in the Summer term.  Parents will be invited to an Information Evening nearer the time.


Well! We have really been working hard on our writing and have now become Writing Wizards!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed Healthy Living Fortnight - taking part in Bollywood dancing, active outdoor lessons and learning about different food groups.  We had a great trip to Leeds Grand Mosque where we learned many interesting facts, adding to our knowledge.  The children posed several good questions which were received well, praising the children for their confidence and curiosity.  Practising for the Leavers Assembly is in full swing however, I don’t think it has dawned on me that they will be leaving soon! ☹ They have worked ever so well all year, making me proud and I will truly miss them. 

As in previous years the Year 2 children loved the trip to Leeds Grand Mosque. This visit enriches our curriculum and is an excellent opportunity to widen the children’s experience. 

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The children have thoroughly loved our topics this half term.  We have continued to look in-depth at certain dinosaurs, finding out information about their habitat, diet, appearance and amazing WOW facts!  The children have produced excellent pieces of work as this topic has really captured their imagination.  To top it off, we had an absolutely fabulous day visiting Leeds City Museum where we all held (over 90 million year old) dinosaur fossils in the dinosaur workshop!  

Whilst our ‘special work’ was going on, the children have been learning about Pirates.  They’ve have had a swash-buckling time doing pirate crafts, maps, treasure chests and even built pirate rafts.  All that children have worked ever so well in our ‘special work’ and I would like to say a BIG WELL DONE to them all.


The children in Year 2 have been doing lots of work on Dinosaurs and last week examined dinosaur poo to see what they could find!

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The children in Year 2 have been making pancakes.




Year 2 Red

We have been busy bees in Year 2 this half term. We have now learnt all the 4 different types of sentences and been actively using them in our literacy and drama work. We have focussed on the fairy tale story of Little Red Riding Hood, acting and filming parts, becoming the characters and acting as them and replying to our friend Goldilocks in the eyes of Little Red!

We’ve had many exciting Science and Geography days. Learning about the world, continents, cold animals, materials, their properties and suitability. We have experimented with different materials, testing which ones would be best to make a shoe for teddy!

We have been amazing mathematicians, conquering several different multi-step methods solving both addition and subtractions. The children have been challenging themselves more and more with these methods have made me (Miss L) very proud to see the progress.

Excited for the next half term!

Year 2 have been looking at maps and learning about cold lands.


We had a Science day; learning all about different materials and their properties. We built sculptures and had a competition to see which ones could hold a dictionary!