Amazing webcams and activities

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 2:37pm

Hi everyone! Hope you are keeping safe, well and happy.

I just want to give you the details of some great spring webcams to follow as a family. These are webcams set up on osprey nests in Scotland, Wales and England to watch the spring breeding season unfold. Year 1 Blue children started watching them before we closed and my past classes have enjoyed them too – this means that lots of big brothers and sisters at the Juniors will already be familiar with them!



England – already got one egg!

You will be able to watch the ospreys from egg laying to hatching, from tiny chicks to learning to fly and then leaving the nest by the end of July. We will be citizen scientists!

Coming soon on our brand new website: I shall be putting up lots of activities for a home learning project to dip in and out of to support this learning.

Attached: Links to these and other websites.

Love from Mrs Nolan