Headteacher Blog - Spring Term 1, 2020

Date: 4th Mar 2020 @ 12:59pm

The days are finally getting longer and everyone in school is working very hard. This is the half term when we really see the children blossom! As usual it has been a busy half term. There has been a significant amount of staff training and meetings. We are very pleased to announce that our KS1 Reading, Writing and Maths results for 2019 were in the top 20% nationally for both age related expectations and at greater depth! This is a huge achievement for both staff and children and evidence of all the hard work!

We have been hosting the Groove Generation project which involves schools in the area working with professional musicians. We have seen some children begin to blossom through their involvement in this work which has been amazing. Other inter-school support has involved subject leaders working with those from other schools as part of the Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust. We also enjoyed's fabulous assembly on Little Red Riding Hood. The children were all amazing-they really pulled it out of the bag!

The new Reading Boxes are now outside each classroom; please have a look, choose a book and either bring it back when you are finished or donate a book you no longer need. A big thank you to Miss Judson's mum and dad for the boxes. We have made some changes to the school library to make it more inviting and reading has become a focus for assemblies. We have bought new books which the children are really enjoying.

Last week was E-Safety Week and the children were doing some focused work around keeping safe. E-safety activities were based around the story of Chicken Clicking. Please ask the children about their learning.