Our School Site and Security

The School Building and Grounds

The school was built in 1973 and is semi-open plan in design. Each classroom has its own secure entrance and cloakroom. The Foundation classrooms also have their own excellent secured all weather playground area for outdoor activities.

There are wet bays, book corners and a large shared activity area including a fantastic design technology area. The large school hall is used for assemblies, P.E. and dinners. Immediately outside the building there are grassed areas, playing fields with a trim trail and a playground with an open outlook, protected by unobtrusive security fencing.

The school is well situated to take advantage of the neighbouring countryside and the local town of Yeadon. These areas are easily reached from the school and provide an interesting focus for environmental and topic work.


Difficulties have arisen regarding parking within the vicinity of the school. If you could take care not to block the driveways or obstruct the road when parking your car it would be much appreciated by local residents and parents on foot. There is a cycle/walking track, developed by Sustrans, along the old railway track which gives easy access to school.

Entering and leaving the premises

There are safe pedestrian entrances to the school grounds including disabled access. Please do not walk down the main drive because of the obvious danger from cars and delivery vans.

Each classroom has its own entrance into a cloakroom area.  This is where you will drop off and collect your child from.  The children know that they must not go home unless someone is there to meet them. You must therefore come to the classroom door so that your child can be handed over. If you cannot collect your child and wish someone else to do so you must notify us prior to the end of the day and ensure we know who they are.


The safety and security of the children is a high priority. The main entrance to the school is controlled by locked intercom access. The classroom doors are fitted with push pads which operate from the inside of the classrooms, making it impossible to open the doors from the outside when they are fully closed. They also have an alarm system to warn when the doors are opened.