Meet the Governors

Amanda Stainton
  My name is Amanda Stainton and I am delighted to join the other Governors in making sure the school continues to deliver a great experience for pupils, parents and staff. My link class is Year 1 Red and and I am the Safeguarding, Child Protection and Health and Safety Governor.  My boys are now young men so it is a while since I had to consider early years education but as an HR professional working on the Board of a large European manufacturing business – Portakabin – I am passionate about the role of education and the importance of people in a successful business. I live nearby in Burley in Wharfedale and when I get spare time I enjoy keeping fit, reading, helping out on our allotment and being creative either cooking, sewing or even knitting.
Dawn Lowry

I am hoping that all of you do know me[!], but I thought that you might me be interested to hear about my role on the governing body.  An important duty of the head teacher is to sit on the governing body. My role is to provide governors with information about what is happening in school. At each governors' meeting I provide a head teacher's report which informs them about standards, progress towards the school development plan, policies written and approved, staffing, curriculum, training, pupil events and work with parents and the community. I also sit on these committees: resources, teaching and learning and strategic. This gives me an opportunity to work more closely with a smaller group of governors looking at specific issues in more detail.

My job is to manage the school from day to day and the governors' role is to look at the bigger picture with a more strategic perspective concerned with how the school is doing and where it is going. The governing body has a dual role. They are there to challenge and ensure that we are doing the best for the children in our care but they are also there to support our work in school.

Being part of the governing body is an interesting part of my role in school. I get to work with staff, parents and members of the local community who volunteer a significant amount of time because they have a real desire to help our children get the best experience possible.

James Horan

My name is James Horan and I am a new Parent Governor at Yeadon Westfield Infant School.

I decided to apply when my daughter started to attend reception in September 2019, the reason being I just wanted to give something back to the system that helped get me to this point in my life.  I live locally with my wife and daughter.

I grew up and was schooled in various parts of Leeds and spent part of my early childhood in South Africa.  At the age of 16 I went to Thomas Danby College and completed a 3 year B/tec course in Hotel management. This enabled me to achieve my main ambition at the time which was to travel and work around the globe.  Having done that I found myself back in Leeds and I am now Head Chef at Horsforth Golf Club.

I have spent the vast majority of my adult life in hospitality but have worked as a part-time wedding photographer and digital artist.  I also managed to teach a couple of photography courses at 2 Surestart centres in Leeds.

My main focus now is my family.  Having been fortunate enough to fulfil the majority of my ‘bucket list’ my aim now is to help others do the same.

Kirsty Holmes

I have been teaching at Westfield Infants for 6 years now. I started in Year 1, then moved to Reception and I am currently the Nursery teacher and PE Coordinator. I am also a co-opted Staff Governor. I have had this role since September 2014. I also sit on the Teaching and Learning Committee and I am the governor responsible for Pupil Premium and Children Looked After.

I enjoy my role as a governor as I get to keep up to date with any changes or new plans that may be implemented in school. The responsibilities of a governor are to understand policies and data and be able to ask questions and challenge decisions made, ensuring that the interests of children, parents and staff are at the forefront of all decisions made.

Being a governor is a motivating and diverse role. I feel that it benefits me as a teacher as I have a further understanding of the way in which a school is run.

Marie Gilligan

As well as fulfilling my role as TA and HLTA, I am also a co-opted Support Staff Governor – this is a position I have held since May 2014. I enjoy the role immensely and I’m still learning lots about how the school operates behind the scenes. There are a number of duties associated with being a governor with the main focus being on ‘setting strategic direction’, ‘asking the right questions’ and ‘understanding data’. These are all discussed in our regular meetings.

Being a governor is an interesting and varied role which helps me to understand fully my responsibilities in school and what is expected.

Suzanne Akeroyd

Hello my name is Suzanne Akeroyd and I am a Local Authority governor and chair of the Governing Body.  I became a school governor when my oldest son started at Westfield Infant School because I wanted to contribute positively towards the school and local community and to be involved, for some part, in the quality of his educational experience.  I am also the lead governor for SEND. 

In addition to my governor role, I also volunteer at the school and assist in Reception one morning a week which I really enjoy. It gives me a good opportunity to be directly involved in the classroom and support children’s learning and provides some practical knowledge of how the school operates on a daily basis on behalf of the Governing Body.

I am particularly passionate about supporting children with additional needs within the school and ensuring they are provided with the best support and opportunities to learn alongside other students and achieve their full potential. I have a son with additional needs and can therefore experience both as a parent and governor how the school delivers its best for these children. I have also accompanied students on school trips and witness first hand the fantastic work the school does in delivering out of school experiences.

Whilst the responsibility of being a school governor requires commitment of time, energy and enthusiasm, it is a role I really enjoy. I am currently a full time mum having recently retired from the Police Service. In my spare time I also enjoy running, walking, cycling and camping. I have always lived in the local community therefore feel I have a really good knowledge of the local area.

Lisa Rollett

My name is Lisa Rollett and I became one of school’s governors in 2019. I have two children, the youngest of which is currently in year 2.

I have worked as a secondary school science teacher since 2004. Having been in or involved in education for most of my life I think it is fair to say that I am passionate that children are given the best possible introduction to learning throughout their early years – this is my main reason for wanting to become a governor.

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors - walking and enjoying nature. I am an avid reader and I enjoy visiting different countries.

I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with the school’s staff, along with the rest of the board of governors, to help each and every pupil thrive as they embark on their first exciting education journey.

James Lowham

My name is James Lowham and I have recently joined the School Governors team. With one of my two sons joining reception in 2020 I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to give back to the place who would be delivering these crucial early years of education.

 In my career heading up a technical department for Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars I have gained a passion for the development and mentoring of people, especially through working with the Princes Trust charity. I hope to use my experience in development of young people (although a little older than at Westfield) to the schools advantage at some point in the future.

 At home, my wife and two boys love nothing more than going on adventures and making memories. We always seem to gain another story to tell!

 I’m incredibly excited for my future involvement with Westfield Infants to assist any way I can at such an important time for the children’s development.

Ollie Kitchingman

Hello my name is Ollie Kitchingman. I have recently taken up the mantle as one of the school's governors.  

I have been working within the Health and Safety industry with manufacturing and utilities for the last 6 years and am passionate about the safety and well being of others. The main reason I wanted to do the governing role was due to the fact that I have 2 children who currently attend Yeadon Westfield and thought it would be a great idea to give some form of support or expertise back to the school.

When I am not in work I like to spend my time with my family and 2 dogs weather permitting. Alongside that I also have a keen interest in 3D design and print running a small business wherever I can spare the time. 

I look forwards to helping further develop the school along with the rest of the board of governors.