Nurture at Westfield Infant School

Nurture Groups

At Westfield Infants we feel that Nurture is a vital part of school life.  The Nurture Room is an important space for our pupils, providing a non-classroom environment in which to support children as part of our school’s inclusion and PSHCE. 

It is a safe, calm place, free of judgement and a chance for children to express themselves.  Nurture is important for the development of a child’s wellbeing.

Lego Club

Lego-based Therapy is a structured social skills program.  It has many benefits including:-

  • Increased attention focus
  • Turn Taking
  • Listening
  • Compromise

It helps children to problem solve and has an enormous impact on a child’s vocabulary development and extends sentence length.

We have seen from past groups an increase in a child’s confidence and it teaches them that success is always achievable.

Out and About Group

The children in our Out and About Group visit places in the local community including the parks, the Greenway and Ghyll Royd Nursing Home.

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