Communication with School

How we keep in touch with you

Our school website is updated regularly; newsletters e-mailed every Wednesday to the first contact for your child.  Any letters with a reply slip will be sent home by “child-post”. We will also contact you via text message when necessary. The school holds regular events, theme weeks, special days etc. We are always grateful for the help and support given by parents on these occasions.

Speaking to your child's teacher

We believe that the partnership between home and school is important, as children make better progress and achieve more when parents and teachers work together.

The staff and Head teacher are always available to talk to you. Appointments are not always necessary although on some occasions it may be more convenient to make one. It is usually easier for the class teacher to talk to you at 3.00pm rather than 9.00am, although do let us know any immediate cause for concern in the morning. It is always better to sort out any worries as soon as possible so please do not be hesitant about talking to us if you are anxious or concerned. We also hold formal parent interview evenings during the year where your child’s progress can be discussed in some detail.