Parent Testimonials


Looking for our children’s school started long before they were born and we moved to the area, specifically for the future prospect of our children joining Yeadon Westfield Infants and Junior school.  What we thought at the time, was that the school very sought after and very well respected.  6 years later, our children are now in Reception and Y1 of Infants and what we now understand is exactly why.  You don’t just get the academic learning from Yeadon Westfield, what you get is a community, a group of teachers that go above and beyond every single day.  I can honestly say they care for your children as they would their own and their commitment to provide you with that comfort when your children are with them is outstanding. Fun and creativity is right throughout every aspect of their learning and development and that proves itself both every morning when our children cannot wait to go to school and every evening when they come home smiling, telling us of what fun things they have done and learnt that day.  I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest in recommending Yeadon Westfield to any parent. 

(Helen and Russ Philpot)

We chose Westfield Infants School to send both our children to as it felt like a safe and inviting place to be.  From the first contact/visit with the school we instantly knew if was right for our family.  The teachers and school staff have been wonderful and have supported both the children and the parents throughout the transition to starting school.  The school is very attentive with sending information to parents via newsletters and the various teaching support apps available.  Both my children settled in quickly and any minor issues are resolved very fast and professionally.  I would recommend this school to any family looking for a fun, safe and great learning experience for thier children.

(Lucy Fleming)

I chose Westfield Nursery for Jacob, due to having had family members children go through the school environment here and sig its praises. It is also one of the closest locations to our home. 
I loved the look of the setting and the outdoor space, and though the way it was more of a school type setting, but very nurturing, would help Jacob adjust ready for school next year. 
He has settled in so well and absolutely loves the staff and his new friends. 
He is always excited to be going and talks all the way home about his day. 
We are very happy with everything so far :)

(Nursery parent)

I chose Westfield Nursery after looking at every other nursery in the area including private day nurseries and Westfield Nursery was by far the best. Olivia loves going and speaks about how she enjoys all the different games and activities she does. Mrs shaw and all the teaching assistants are amazing! They are friendly and approachable and most of all have helped Olivia settle in after a bad experience at a previous setting. Olivia has gained confidence and has developed substantially in all areas since attending the nursery. Mrs Lowry is very friendly, she is often outside to greet parents and is always makes time to speak to parents if they have any questions or queries. Olivia and I are extremely happy with Westfield nursery and their staff.

(Nursery parent)

We chose Westfield Nursery for Rosie having had one child already go through the nursery and two children go through the school. 
The nursery and infant school are amazing. Provisions for the children both inside and outside are fantastic and the staff are caring, nurturing and supportive. 
Rosie has settled in very quickly and loves her teachers. She has grown in confidence and is coming home with new skills every week. 
Rosie looks forward to going to nursery and has lots of stories to tell when she gets home. 
The nursery take time to get to know you as a family and in my case have been very supportive in terms of health issues that I have. Their help has been invaluable and is testament to how much the nursery and school invest in the families they serve. 
The communication from nursery is brilliant and I have loved receiving observations and photographs on Tapestry. I feel I am part of Rosie’s journey and can interact with what she is doing. 
The transition from nursery into the school is also fantastic. The nursery children get to be part of many things that happen within the school and this helps greatly when they make the move to reception.

I cannot recommend this nursery enough!

(Nursery parent)

The staff at Westfield Infants are incredibly helpful and friendly and put our minds at ease when we have a query. Our son has really bonded with the staff and adores them. He has settled in really well, even with the change in routine due to Covid-19, and we believe the staff's hard work and positivity is a major part of that. The children learn through a supportive and friendly environment. There is always a wide variety of activities happening, both indoors and outdoors and the school uses the Tapestry Journal system so parents can see regular updates and photos. Our son is very happy here and we have no hesitations in recommending Westfield Infants to prospective parents. 

(Lisa Bourne)

We have had two children attend Westfield Infants and have always been really happy with the school. Communication is fantastic- termly updates on planned learning/activites, regular photos on the website and reminder messages for upcoming events. The recent addition of Tapestry has been amazing for this too. Our daughter is excited for school each day and absolutely loves learning! Reception is such a fun, positive and welcoming environment. The staff team are so  nurturing and make our daughter feel really special by listening to her and praising her at every given opportunity. We couldn't be happier with the start she has had to school life.

(Blythe’s mum)

When looking for a childcare setting for my children i look for love, care and attention the teachers would be able to offer my child, how well the children are behaving and how well they are learning.  When we came to look round Yeadon Westfield Infants for my daughter to start in year 2 in November 2018 we were blown away by the way the children were learning from nursery right through to year 2. All the children were very happy and focused in what they were doing. We also didn't see any disruptive behaviour from anyone.

Our daughter moved from another school which wasn't brilliant (not same area) and the smiles on her face after looking round said it all. She was apprehensive about moving school, but she was all smiles and wanted to move there and then. Our son also moved into the nursery here in January 2019.

Our daughter thrived in this school in just the short time she was here, she actually wanted to go to school for the 1st time in a very long time.  Ms Lowry and Mrs Whitehead both went out of their way to welcome her into the school and after a very short time it was like she had always been there.  Our son loved all his teachers in nursery (too many to name) they are all marvelous. September 2020 my son has started Reception his teacher is Mrs Sharp who is amazing and really caring towards my son I feel she really knows him already. He ran in on his 1st day and has settled im fantastic after having 6 months off due to COVID. He is coming on leaps and bounds. I am really happy I found this school for my children its purely amazing.

The whole staffing team are working together (but in there own bubbles) very well to keep everyone safe during this pandemic, I also feel that as scared as the teachers are they don't show this and the education is just as fantastic as it always has been.  The school have gone above and beyond my expectations even though I had no doubt they would be doing everything to such a high standard.  I cannot recommend Yeadon Westfield Infants enough they are truly amazing. Just a shame I didn't find the school 8 months earlier.

(Adam's Mum)

I had heard alot of great reports about Westfield Nursery, so when we put our daughter's name down we were thrilled to hear she received a place to start September 2020.

Unfortunately due to the covid restrictions things like visit the nursery to see the classroom and meet the teacher couldn't happen! Instead Westfield nursery made sure we were fully informed about the start through email, uploading useful information and videos so Elsie could see the classroom and see her teacher and we had a phone call off Mrs Shaw too just before we started which made Elsie very excited. 

Since she's been there I've been extremely happy with how the staff and children have adapted and coping to the changes! 

Their cleanliness is fantastic making sure all children sanitise their hands before entering nursery and elsie always comes home clean and happy, we've never had an issue with tears or going into nursery either and I think that's down to how lovely and cheerful all the staff, they greet Elsie have a little chat as they are taking her in. I'm happy to walk away knowing she's going to have a good day in a clean safe environment with teachers who genuinely look happy to be there too its makes a big difference.

I'm also loving the tapestry observations where I can see what she's been doing, it's lovely.

(Elsie's Mum)