The Curriculum at Yeadon Westfield Infants


We are a happy and proud school. We believe that we provide a safe and secure environment that nurtures a love of learning. We aim to develop the whole person by providing happy and memorable times whilst creating opportunities for challenge and success. We prepare our pupils to become considerate and responsible members of society and we firmly believe that children best succeed when they are engaged in their learning. Our staff team is our strength and we passionately believe in the value of education and the doors it can open. Parents and carers have an extremely important role to play in ensuring our children achieve their potential. This happens when we all work together considering the strengths and needs of everyone in our school community. Our aim is to develop confident children who value themselves, each other and the wider world. We encourage all our children to reach for the stars-they can be anything they want to be.


In Nursery and Reception, the children are taught an Early Years curriculum based on the ‘Development Matters’ framework. In Years 1 and 2, the children follow the National Curriculum. In both key stages, we make learning as engaging and hands-on as possible starting with the children’s own knowledge and building on this to embrace and understand the wider world. We believe that real life experience has the biggest impact on learning and promote educational visits and visitors to school to support this.

Teachers use formal and on-going assessments to determine their children’s current understanding and determine their next steps. The senior leadership team works with class teachers to identify pupils at risk of underachieving  and assists in helping to address this with quality classroom differentiation, intervention or additional support.
Our staff provide feedback that is designed to enhance the understanding of the child and it is expected that the children respond to this. We believe that marking should be motivating, meaningful and manageable.
Our subject leaders provide strategic direction, support and advise colleagues, regarding progress and attainment, provide resource management and map our curricular coverage onto long-term plans.


We aim to ensure that every child makes progress, irrespective of background and starting points.  We believe that they are resilient enough to undertake even the most challenging problem. They will leave us with a passion for lifelong learning and the skills to continue this. They will undertake problem solving challenges and get things wrong, feel uncomfortable and then have their moment to shine. They will have access to resources and high-quality experiences and lessons that promote independent thinking. They will demonstrate in their learning and in their behaviour that they can make decisions that benefit the school and the local community.