Reception Summer Half Term Blog

Date: 28th May 2021 @ 9:18am

During this half term the children in Reception have been learning about ‘Our Wonderful World’. This broad umbrella has covered topics such as new life, spring, life cycles and looking at our environment (map skills/pirates).

Life cycles/ new life

The children in Reception developed their knowledge and understanding of life cycles over 4 weeks. The children looked closely between similarities and differences between each stage of the life cycle and were encouraged to use the correct vocabulary when talking about the changes over time. The children have looked at the life cycles of spiders, ladybirds, frogs and butterflies. They were also able to write sentences about stages of the cycle and we have successfully watched caterpillars complete their metamorphsis into beautiful butterflies.
The children also planted their own crews seeds in a pot. They discussed what the seeds needed to grow and also put some seeds in a dark place to see if they would grow as successfully. Over the week, the children were in charge of watering their cress and then they had to describe what had happened and compare their cress with the other children. Some cress grew more successfully than others and the class were able to say why; too much water, not enough water, not enough light, too much sun light.

The Treasure of Pirate Frank/ maps and looking at our environment.

The children had a fantastic time pretending to be pirates and using treasure maps! The focus was listening to instructions, following verbal instructions, looking closely at their immediate environment and making their own simple maps using features of our outdoor area.


Thank you to everyone who has engaged with Tapestry. We have found that is a fabulous way to keep you up to date with what goes on in Reception and we welcome any pictures that you send in too.


The children are developing their phonics skills each week. We are now reading words with two syllables or more and reading simple sentences. ‘Tricky words’ are words that can’t be sounded out, please help your child to read these words. See a member of staff if you would like any more information to help your child read at home.
Thank you for your continued support in regards to reading books. please keep returning books to school on the Monday so we can send a new one out on Thursday. It is really helpful to read the comments in the reading records too.


The children have all made amazing progress this half term in regards to their writing. Please help them write for a purpose at home and encourage them to recognise and spell tricky words. To be at age related expectations by the end of Reception the children need to read and write simple sentences without help that can be read by themselves and others. We will be continuing to recap the digraphs and trigraphs in phonics sessions to help build confidence and independence in class.


Our teaching of maths is always done using practical resources and taught in a fun and meaningful context. The children have been adding and subtracting, sharing things equally and making ‘lots of’ (multiplication). The children are developing their knowledge of ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ using numbers to 20 (and beyond) and are ordering numbers 1-20 and beyond. 
We are also encouraging the children to use everyday language to describe shapes (2D and 3D), weight, size, position and distance. 
We will be consolidating all these skills during the next half term. If you help your child with any of these things then don’t forget to send in a picture via Tapestry. 
All children have thoroughly enjoyed this half term and we look forward to another hugely successful half term after the holidays.
Enjoy your break 
Team Reception