Year 1 Autumn Term 1

Date: 19th Oct 2020 @ 3:49pm

The children are now well settled into Year 1 and have been working incredibly hard all term.  They will be ready for a well-earned rest!

We concentrated on recapping and developing their skills in reading, writing and maths in our first weeks in school.  We are really pleased with their progress.  So far in English, we have studied the traditional tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, which the children rewrote in their own words.  Alongside this, the children have been learning about punctuation in statements, questions and exclamations, as well as revising Phase 3 phonics.

We also started our study of geography through the story of Little Red Riding Hood, making collage and then drawn maps for the characters to find their way through the forest.  The children learnt about map symbols and making a map key. 

In science, we have started learning about seasonal change, our senses and about animals.  We have used our senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the outdoor areas.  The children are becoming very knowledgeable about woodland animals and are starting to learn about hibernation.

We are really proud of the way the children have taken the new year in their stride.  They have worked very hard and now feel very settled into Year 1.  They have made fantastic progress already and we are looking forward to the rest of the year.

Have a good break!