Year 1/2 Blog - Autumn Term 2

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 8:36am

We have reached the end of another very busy term!  The children have continued to settle into their new classes and routines and have amazed us with their progress.  They are thriving in the mixed age environment, have made lots of new friendships, and we have begun to see the huge impact mixed age teaching can have on their social, emotional and academic learning.  An excellent example of this was when we taught the Year 2 children about writing lists in sentences using commas to separate items and the use of “and” as a conjunction between the last two items.  The Year 1 children were just as good as the Year 2 children!  Visitors have commented that they can’t tell which year group individual children are in when they look around the classes.

Here are just some of the other activities they have been doing.  In English we have learned about writing questions, instructions, letters and recounts. In maths the children showed us how amazing they are at multiplication as well as addition and subtraction, and this week have enjoyed working on reflective symmetry.

Earlier in the half term, the children learned about why and how we remember Guy Fawkes and the Bonfire Plot and the significance of Remembrance Day.  Year 2s have been busy on the computers learning how to use a paint program called Dazzle and you should see the results of this today.  Meanwhile, Year 1s have been consolidating their learning about deciduous trees and seasonal change in their own artwork for their calendars.

Finally, the children now have a little bit of performance under their belt after their two outdoor carol singing sessions for the parents.  We are incredibly proud of them for their achievements here, because they have not had the opportunity to learn good singing techniques, or how to remember words, or how to stand and perform for two years!

As you will all know, we are wishing Miss Worton good luck in her secondment to another local school, and are welcoming Mrs Gordon as a teacher in her place until the summer.

So, at the end of such a busy term, we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year, and hope to see everybody back at school in January well-rested and ready for the next few months of learning and playing together.