Year 2 Autumn Term 1

Date: 22nd Oct 2020 @ 8:17am

This half term the children have settled back into school life incredibly well.  New rules and routines have been established and the children are working hard every day to follow these.

We have been covering phonics daily and introduced the new spelling contract books – which they have taken to like ducks to water!  Thank you for joining in at home too.

In Literacy, we have been recapping the main skills, introducing new conjunctions and types of sentences such as statements and questions.  The children thoroughly enjoyed practising their questioning techniques on Ms Lowry.

We have had our investigative hats on during our Science lessons; testing objects to see whether they sink or float (without getting too wet) and have had a terrific tree and leaf hunt.  The children certainly enjoyed collecting the leaves on their hats!

The children have been demonstrating their maths skills and memory of Year 1 ‘learn its’.  They have also been practising their addition, 2D shapes and money this half term.   The children did very well when buying sweets and cakes using coins! Our learn its that we are practising are – 4+3, 5+2, 7+4, 8+3, 9+3, 9+4 and all doubles to 12. 

We have been having lots of fun in our Colour Chaos Art lessons - mixing colours, tints and shades.  The children created warm and cold colour paintings, splatter paintings and many more masterpieces.  We’ve used both small thin brushes and larger thicker brushes to develop their fine motor control. 

Well done for a successful first half term in Year 2, we look forward to seeing you all refreshed after a week off and ready to start the next half term for more learning and fun.

Miss Laycock and Mrs Whitehead